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Luna's Life: A Rookie's Blog

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Hi, I am Rubén Luna from Dallas, Texas – one of the new young players from the Academy that FC Dallas has signed as a professional. I work hard every day, and I know my opportunity will come.

The anxiety that one-day I will debut is great, especially in front of my family and friends – and today I am one step closer to realizing this dream. I have been summoned to the list of 18 players who will be wearing the FC Dallas jersey for the game this Saturday against Toronto FC.

When I realized I was going to be on the list of 18, it made me very happy. But I will not be satisfied until I score goals, and only then will I have a little peace.

As for practice, every single day the team goes with everything, and this work has been reflected in the games. The group gets along very well and we always make time to play games. Yesterday in practice I lost $20 because I lost on PKs against Marvin Chavez. Although I take it easy, he takes it seriously!

Today was also a big day because I got my driver’s license. Now I can drive to the games and to the house by myself! Ha-ha!

Every day I feel more accepted by the group. I have to do work that all the rookies do, such as carrying the soccer balls and helping our assistant coaching staff (Marcus and Danny). This is typical for rookies, but sometimes I stay out of more – the other rookies carry everything and I just take what is mine.

We had another good week of training. See you on Saturday against Toronto!

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For the Spanish translation of this blog, please click here.