Training Report: Aug. 30

FCD training report: August 30

Training Report
Following FC Dallas’ 0-0 draw with the Crew in hostile Columbus, the team returned to the adidas Field today from 8:30-10:30 a.m. New owners of the all-time MLS road unbeaten streak (10 games), FC Dallas now turns its attention to defending Pizza Hut Park against Toronto FC on Saturday (7:30 p.m. CT).

Regeneration Session
The first team took it easy today. Following the usual warm-up session, the 13 field players that took part in Saturday’s match participated in a regeneration session led by Michael Johnson Performance Center's Steward Carlisle. First-team goalkeeper Kevin Hartman and his MLS leading goals against average of 0.65 remained with the reserves.

Goals Galore
FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman led the reserve team through an intense session of six versus six in a 25-yard area. Hartman and Dario Sala faced a battery of shots throughout the hour-long drill. FC Dallas home grown striker Ruben Luna led the orange squad with three goals. Peri Marosevic had a pair of goals as well. On the other side of the ball, Andrew Wiedeman had two goals for the blue squad.


Orange SquadBlue Squad
Kevin HartmanDario Sala
Ruben LunaJeff Cunningham
Edson EdwardKyle Davies
Bruno GuardaBryan Leyva
Jason YeisleyMarvin Chavez
JacksonMoises Hernandez
Victor UlloaAndrew Wiedeman

The drill had several stages in which players were allowed only one or two touches per possession. The drill focused on movement off of the ball and Hyndman continually stressed combination play.

Jason Yeisley  
During a two-touch portion of the drill, Yeisley pressured the blue team defense into making a bad pass. The forward closed quickly, won the ball with his first touch and finished low to the far corner with his second touch.

Fitness Drill
The reserve team finished practice with an intense fitness drill. The team jogged the perimeter of the field in two separate groups, one on either end of the pitch. The two packs of players would jog from midfield on the near sideline to the far corner flag. Once they reached the corner, they would turn and sprint diagonally to the near midfield position.

Hyndman on losing Captain Daniel Hernandez and Atiba Harris to suspension
"It’s a bit tough. Last week, I saw this coming. The running joke is I told Atiba if he didn’t want to play defensive midfield, he should have just told me. But we can still be successful if we stick to our team structure. People that know our team well can see all the choices we have, but whatever we decide to do, we do not want to give up strength somewhere else on the field."

Dax McCarty on the progression of his injury
"It’s tough because I feel I can play and help the team, but at the same time I know that I will cause further damage if I come back early. It’s certainly frustrating. It’s just an injury that takes time to heal, but the team is doing well and that’s all that matters."