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Eye in the Sky: Aug. 25

Welcome to the first edition of "Eye in the Sky: A Barry Gorman travel blog" presented by American Airlines.

As technical director for FC Dallas, one of Barry Gorman's responsibilities is to scout new players, a job which takes him all over the world to watch the best soccer talent. As Gorman travels the globe searching for the best players available to fill the FCD roster, this blog will be your destination to follow him on his journey.

Stay tuned to FCDallas.com for more updates from Barry Gorman. 

It has been an interesting few weeks with a whirlwind of activity surrounding soccer’s open transfer window.

Needless to say, FC Dallas was actively involved in exploring every possible move.

We saw the departure of Anthony Wallace to Colorado and the addition of Jackson from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Everyone at FC Dallas wishes Anthony well with his new club -- he's a fine individual and our coaching staff believes he will do well in the new environment.

Conversely, we are delighted to welcome Jackson to the FC Dallas family and are excited to monitor his progress throughout the remainder of the current season.

A couple of other potential signings were explored, but for one realistic reason or another they were put on hold. Right now our concentrated efforts are directed toward our current squad while staying alert to possible signees for the 2011 season.

On the home front, our anticipation and expectations are sky high for the three home grown players recently signed to professional forms. Ruben Luna, Victor Ulloa and Moises Hernandez, along with Bryan Leyva, represent the future of FC Dallas. We want to -- and are going to -- expand our efforts to sign local talent. Ruben, Victor and Moises represent the tip of the iceberg (sorry to use a frozen example in the midst of a sizzling Dallas summer). 

There is an abundance of soccer rich talent in the Dallas area and one of our top priorities is to identify that vein of quality players. We wish to demonstrate to them that FC Dallas is the place to develop and showcase their abilities.

I have several trips planned over the coming weeks as we continue to scout and develop new talent. I'm excited to share those travels with you going forward, and I hope you'll check back often to see where in the world I've visited. From Brazil to the British Isles, I'll be racking up American AAdvantage miles left and right on behalf of FC Dallas.

Yours in Soccer,