The 'stache!
Jason Minnick

FCD players dig Pearce's new "Magnum" look

FRISCO, Texas – Heath Pearce isn't one for superstitions. So when the veteran defender recently started sporting a thick mustache, some wondered if his new look was related to FC Dallas’ current unbeaten streak, which has reached 10 games.

The defender turned 26 last Friday, and that’s when he says he started his new look. Some have compared it to Tom Selleck during his Magnum, P.I. days, while others have called it a cross between Selleck and Will Smith’s look during his days as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

No matter what outsiders say, his teammates give it a big thumbs up.

“It’s cool,” said fellow defender George John, who is also Pearce’s roommate. “It’s out of the ordinary. He’s having fun with it. Everybody’s having fun with it. I think [assistant coach John] Ellinger posted something in the locker room today about it. It’s definitely something that lightened up the room.”

FCD captain Daniel Hernandez agrees his teammate does look a bit like Selleck. And starting goalkeeper Kevin Hartman admits he's a bit jealous of Pearce’s new look.

“I had a mustache for a while, but it comes in blonde," Hartman lamented. "I can curl the sides of it, but it was not a highlight of my career or my life. If I could grow one as cool as he can, maybe I’d do it more often.”

For Pearce, it’s all about changing things up a bit.

“I had a 26th birthday and thought it was time to grow up a little bit and add some sophistication,” he said. “Everybody thought it was pretty funny but I like it. So I’m going to keep it a while until I have to get rid of it. It’s not a streak-related thing. I’m not superstitious, just trying something new.”

No matter what look he’s sported, Pearce has made a big impact on his club this year both on defense as well as in the attack. In 18 games, he has five assists, which is second-most on FCD and ranks only behind David Ferreira, a player many consider a strong candidate for 2010 MLS MVP honors.

As long as he keeps contributing on both sides of the ball, FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman doesn’t care what look his veteran defender throws down.

“I don’t get too personal about mustaches, hair or coloring,” he admitted. “Yesterday we were out here and a couple of the fans asked me what I thought of it. I tell them I didn’t notice.”

But admit it, coach – Pearce does look a little like Magnum.

“Yeah,” he quipped, “a little bit.”