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Does the cornrowed look fit Shea?

When Brek Shea arrived at Pizza Hut Park on Saturday in advance of FC Dallas’ game with Kansas City, he did so with his hair in cornrows, à la David Beckham from early 2003.

“Fourth of July and a home game, I just had to try something new,” said Shea. “I was going to do it a while ago and felt like [now] was a good time to do it.”

Of course, his teammates had no shortage of comments about his new look.

“Every haircut I’ve had, they’ve made fun of me. It’s nothing new,” the midfielder said. “Some people liked it and thought it was funny.”

FCD play at Seattle on Sunday, but the 21-year-old promises another new look for his club’s next home game on July 17 against Real Salt Lake.

“We’ll see what happens. I’ve got something coming,” he said on Saturday.

Shea’s coach and teammates had a wide range of reactions. Here is a sample of what they had to say about his new look.

Schellas Hyndman (head coach): “I said this to him before the game, ‘It’s not about the hair.’ It’s a young player and if we think back to when we were 20, our parents probably asked us what we were doing sometimes. It’s part of growing up.”

Daniel Hernandez (captain): “He looks a dang fool, man. I guess he wants to be a thug. Everybody wants to be a thug these days. That went out back in 2003. I had braids back in 2000.”

Eric Avila (MF): “I told him to do it. We both tried to grow our hair out, but I stopped. He said he was going to get braids and he got them. I think it looks cool. It’s Brek. He’s a little baby and I have to take care of him.”

David Ferreira (MF): “It was a different look, a new style. But all that matters is that we won [and that] gives us a good week ahead of us.”

Atiba Harris (MF/F): “Brek’s so cool he can do anything he wants. I love it though.”

Ugo Ihemelu (D): “I love it. I want him to keep doing stuff like that every day. It’s personality, right? Fans like that stuff and it keeps things interesting. I want to see what he does next.”

Dax McCarty (MF): “Just young, inexperienced -- he must not own a mirror! Maybe he’s got a couple of older people giving him bad advice. Certainly not one of his best looks.”

Heath Pearce (D/MF): “When I was his age in Denmark, I did the same thing. It’s cool. I had cornrows when I was 20. I tried it as well. It’s a phase. Hopefully it blows over.”