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Chávez excited about Honduras in World Cup

Seeing his home country play a FIFA World Cup is definitely a first for FC Dallas midfielder Marvin Chavez.

The Honduran playmaker was born in 1983, one year after his country made their last appearance on soccer’s biggest stage, so it’s not hard to believe that the “Son of the Wind” is pretty excited to see Los Catrachos in this year’s event.

“Yes, this is the first time that I remember the national team being in the World Cup. The whole country is hoping for a good result,” Chávez said after training on Tuesday. “I think they’re really prepared. They’ve been concentrating for a couple of months now. I expect them to have good results.”

Thus far in 2010, the speedy midfielder has played in three matches for FCD, all as a substitute. However, Chávez battled a knee and hamstring injury early in the season and has only recently become fit.

He planned to catch at least the early stages of Honduras’ Wednesday morning World Cup opener against Chile, but he had to get up to Frisco since FCD was scrimmaging Regals FC from Houston at 10 AM local time.

“Honduras has a very good midfield. That’s basically the strength of the team,” he said. “If they can use that, they will definitely get a good result and win 2-1 or 1-0.”

Chávez has 18 caps with the Honduran national team, appearing in World Cup qualifying matches and also in the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup. It is a group he knows very well but, like anyone, he has his favorites.

“The player that I really like is (Carlo) Costly, but he was left off because he was injured,” he said. “Rambo de Leon is someone who can take the team on his shoulders. Everybody is focused on this and they expect to get good results.”

Around the FCD circle, Chávez is a member of the “Three Amigos,” a group that also includes Colombian teammates Jair Benitez and David Ferreira. The affable trio is always seen together, often playing mini-games before and after training—the loser gets his ears flicked.

Since Benitez and Ferreira’s home nation isn’t in this year’s World Cup, Chávez admits he has tried to recruit them to root for Honduras instead.

“Even some Mexican and Salvadoran friends that I have here are rooting for Honduras,” the FCD midfielder said. “I don’t want [Los Catrachos] to let those people down.”


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