FC Dallas Pro-Juniors Luncheon

FC Dallas demonstrated the value and belief in it’s junior development program. It takes hard work, conditioning, leadership, but most importantly proper role modeling to make it to the higher levels of soccer. Set upon improving its younger athletes and their future stars of tomorrow, FC Dallas threw a barbeque for the JR. program to spend time with their first team players. The purpose was simple, give both teams a chance to bond and interact off the field. While many of the coaches work together on an everyday basis, it is important for the Jr. players to talk with the players about their journey, and what it takes to be apart of the first team.

“I look up to these guys. Guys, like Pearce are my role models,” said Alex Frankenfield captain of the U-16 Jr’s. This was not only an opportunity to meet the professionals, but also a chance to discuss tactics with the players that play their position. Owner Dan Hunt was excited about the opportunity that was being provided for the juniors, “The first team players are the best teachers they’ll have. Meetings like these inspire and motivate the juniors to work harder because the future is now.”

Head coach Schellas Hyndman stressed that that these events build up comfort and levels of trust between the juniors and the first team, but more importantly, “…it lets the juniors know that there’s a place in the future for them- the first team.” Junior coach Oscar Pareja said, “The juniors are always watching the first team on and off the field, it’s where they want to be one day”. Its obvious increasing the amount exposure with the juniors and the first team will only prove to motivate the juniors to focus, and train at a higher level.

FC Dallas understands that its players need more than soccer 24/7, but a community they can confide in. With the coaching staff, players, and administration all together, it shows that soccer is more than a game, it’s a passion. A club is more than a business, it’s a family, and that our players are more than players, they are brothers.