Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Ferreira showing all-around play for FCD

When FC Dallas fans think of David Ferreira, one word comes to mind: offense.

Of course, offense should be first and foremost when fans think of their starting central attacking midfielder. So far this season, however, what has been more impressive about the Colombian has not been his offense but rather his ability to be a two-way player.

“Going forward but coming back to help on defense is something that I’ve also been taught at other clubs,” said Ferreira. “I want to attack, but I also know that defending will make me better, so I’m willing to come back and defend.”

FCD head coach Schellas Hyndman could not be any more pleased with his player’s mentality.

“He’s probably one of the best difference-makers in the league who also works on the other side of the ball,” he said.

Although Ferreira has improved on defense, his offense has been lacking, with three assists and no goals to his name. His latest assist came in a 1-0 win over DC United, when he fed Jeff Cunningham in the 68th minute for the game’s only tally. But while the skilled midfielder has yet to score, he isn’t worried in the least.

“I’m patient," he said. "I’m not scoring goals, but I’m helping my teammates score goals. As long as the team wins, I don’t care who scores the goals as long as we keep winning.”

However, Hyndman would like to see Ferreira finish his opportunities, much like the one he missed against D.C. United.

“We need him to be a little bit more of a goal scorer,” he said. “We can’t just depend on Jeff to be the lone striker, but I think that’s going to come.”

Hyndman has little cause to be worried about his attacking midfielder's production. Last year, he didn’t score his first goal until Game 14 against San Jose.

Like the rest of his teammates,  Ferreira would like to see his team add to their their win total, something they will get a chance to do Thursday night against the unbeaten LA Galaxy.

“In the past games, we didn’t have that concentration and that focus to close the game out and continue winning,” he said. “In these past few games, we’ve focused and squeezed out wins that we needed to. It’s very important that our team continues to go forward and win.”

Until the ball starts flying from Ferreira’s boots and into the back of FCD opponents’ nets, he will do all he can to help his team win, whether through assists or by cracking down on defense.