Atiba Harris OTP
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Off the Pitch

The 2009 season for FC Dallas ended with a slew of victories and several new faces on the pitch. With the 2010 season now underway, thought we'd sit down with each of the players and give our fans a chance to get to know them better - not just on the pitch, but off of it.

Our series this week features midfielder Atiba Harris, whose acquisition from Chivas USA in July of last season helped to provide an offensive spark for a club that scored the most goals in 2009. Harris has already started the 2010 season strong, scoring FC Dallas' only goal in their 1-1 draw with the Houston Dynamo in the home opener. You’re from St. Kitts originally. When was the last time you were able to go home and visit?

Atiba Harris: Actually it was last December, and that was my first time in almost three years. It’s kind of a choice, as far as just staying around here to train. We have better facilities here so I think it’s better for me to stay and train in the offseason. You’re a newlywed - how’s married life so far?

Harris: It’s been pretty fun! We are enjoying ourselves, everyone’s happy, both families are, so we’re just enjoying our life together. She’s from L.A., and we got married there last December. It was like everything happened – we got married, she went to St. Kitts for the first time. It’s been pretty fun. I know you haven’t been in Texas long, but let’s say you’re going to take your wife out to dinner. Where’s your favorite spot?

Harris: Well in Dallas we don’t know many places around here, so we’ve just been on Preston Rd. to like Olive Garden. We’ve been to some different Chinese restaurants, and this really good Vietnamese restaurant called Po or something. I like variety. Since you’re so new to Texas, what’s your impression of the Lone Star State so far?

Harris: Well, it’s very unpredictable. The weather – I mean one day you step outside it’s really cold, and the next day all of a sudden it’s super hot. Everything’s bigger, and everything’s far in terms of the distance. Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

Harris: Growing up, I mean everybody liked Pele but Zinedine Zidane and Patrick Vieira were my favorite. I had quite a few like Zidane and Ronaldo, but now my favorite is Drogba. Didier Drogba. What about your favorite international pro club?

Harris: Chelsea. Favorite movie you’ve seen lately?

Harris: I liked the movie It’s Complicated, it was kind of funny. That’s a good one, but also the movie with Sandra Bullock, The Blind Side. I loved The Blind Side. You’ve been in the MLS a few years now, what’s your favorite city to play in?

Harris: LA. I love LA. Now once you joined the club last year, you guys went on a huge winning streak. What do you think you’re going to need to do to keep that going in 2010?

Harris: We just have to keep going, keep doing the same stuff that we’ve been doing. The second half of the season we just kept working for each other. Almost everyone here are friends off the field, so I think that helps a lot on the field because we are committed to working for each other. Every day in training we just keep fighting, and it’s a good fight that we have to translate to game day. If we do that, the results will keep showing.