Quotes: DALvCOL | 4.17.21

FC Dallas goalkeeper Jimmy Maurer

On his overall thought on the game and his own performance…

“I felt good individually. At the same time, we’re all frustrated to not get a win at home and the three points. We weren’t as sharp as we needed to be on both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively. And that’s why I had to make a few saves. But the season’s young, we’ll get back to work on Monday and start figuring out how to make it better. There were a lot of positives at the same time. We all fought hard and one point to start the season is better than none so we’ll take the positives with the negatives and keep moving forward.”

How to continue the momentum defensively after getting a clean sheet…

“It’s just details at this level. Pressing because we like to defend from the top, our timing was a little separated in our lines that led to them being able to play out and break us down. There were some great individual plays from the guys in front of me to help keep that zero, so we’ll take that. But in terms of our full team shape and getting better towards next week, it’s just the timing and being on the same page to close those gaps. If we’re going to go and press, we need to all go together and we can’t be going with two or three guys and then having a gap. Just working on those timings and little details will go a long way.”

FC Dallas defender Franco Jara 

On his new assignments as a striker

What each striker always has to have is a scoring opportunity, and to be 100% in the box to bring those situations. There are times when the team needs everyone's help. Obviously it becomes more difficult to be able to reach the opponent's goal when you are far behind from where you normally play. But I think it is a good moment, it is the first game of the year, the team will gradually pick up the pace and hopefully God wants us to find that way of playing that we are looking for that is what we work for.

On his missed opportunity

The truth is that I am very angry, but hey, it's part of soccer. We know that these things can happen. We will work all week to correct these mistakes, personally I will work to be more effective when a goal situation comes across me. As I mentioned before, this is just the beginning and we have to be calm about it.