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Luchi Gonzalez Addresses FC Dallas' COVID-19 Situation on 105.3 The Fan

FRISCO, Texas - Head coach Luchi Gonzalez joined the guys on 105.3 The Fan for this week's edition of "The Luchi Gonzalez Show" and discussed the news that a number of FC Dallas players have contracted COVID-19 since arriving in Orlando for the MLS Is Back Tournament. 

If you missed it live, you can also listen to the whole episode after it airs on The Fan's website

"I won’t get into the details like names or the numbers, but we’ve got some challenges here," Luchi said of the situation. "We showed up here with negative tests but as soon as we got here things started to change. It’s disappointing but at the same time it’s inspiring. Everyone in this group has shown a lot of strength, the attitude and mentalities of our players and staff have been amazing. We’re just trying to react to the next moment and believe that we’re going to push through and be better after this.

“We’ve followed every step that was mandated by the government and league, and we feel proud of the steps we’ve taken, but it just goes to show how vulnerable we all are in this and it’s something to be taken very seriously. That’s the biggest lesson out of this."

Luchi Gonzalez and Reggie Cannon greet supporters prior to leaving for Orlando

While it's an extremely unfortunate situation, Luchi underlined the team's commitment to get through this together despite the uncertainty going forward. 

"I know we’re going to win this battle," he continued. Today it’s going against us but we’re going to bounce back and be stronger than ever."

With FC Dallas' first game of the MLS Is Back Tournament scheduled for July 9, the obvious question is whether the team will be able and ready to compete considering the situation. For Luchi, the health and safety of his players is the main concern.

"The match is secondary," Luchi said. "I don’t know if we’ll maintain the same fixture date, I don’t know if it’ll be postponed. I don’t know if we’ll continue in the event. I’m open to learn more. We’re going to form our own views as a team and as a club with ownership. But at the same time we’re going to work together with the league to do what’s best for the players’ safety and health.

"I don’t know what tomorrow brings but as of today, the event is still on. But the players safety and well-being is the number one concern."