3.5 Luchi Recap

How Luchi Gonzalez and FC Dallas Stay Connected and Focused During Lockdown

FRISCO, TexasLuchi Gonzalez and his coaching staff have planned a series of video conference calls with players in an effort to remain tactically prepared once the season resumes.

In his Wednesday conference call, Luchi revealed that he’ll be connecting with players via Zoom, the video conferencing service, to keep them up to date on the team’s tactical plans.

“We’ve created a three-week mesocycle of technical, tactical concepts,” Luchi said. “We’re going to do positional group video conference meetings with staff members and players and then do a progression of three weeks of video analysis of those concepts.”

By segmenting players by position, Luchi can work with smaller groups to go over concepts specific to their roles on the field. He referenced a call he’s planning to have with his defenders next week: “For example, the backline: building out of the back, building in the middle third, and destabilizing the middle third to beat the last line. And then their role when we’re in the offensive third and transitions. Then obviously it's the opposite; counter principles like what is the backline’s role when we’re counter pressing…It’s about creating fundamentals and principles that we already have, but we’re doing them for a three-week cycle. That’s as far as we want to plan.”

Aside from tactical work, Luchi also wants to engage his players on a more personal level over the break. He mentioned staging remote video game tournaments among the players to maintain the sense of competition and togetherness if the moratorium drags on. That, along with individual workout routines and group video conferences, will help them stay prepared for the restart of the season.

“We have to really get creative and think outside the box to stimulate [the players],” Luchi added. “I’m taking calls with certain players to get their ideas. They’re leaders themselves internally. So that’s some of the progress we’ve made in the last weeks, [in addition to] individual physical training with and without the ball.”