Paxton Pomykal vs Montreal
Jerome Miron | USA Today

The Avengers, Monopoly and Settlers of Catan: How Paxton Pomykal is Staying Entertained While Social Distancing

FRISCO, Texas – While soccer players from around the world practice their juggling skills with toilet paper rolls for the #StayAtHomeChallenge, FC Dallas’ Paxton Pomykal has opted for more traditional forms of entertainment while social distancing.

“I started re-watching the entire the Marvel Avengers series through Endgame,” Pomykal revealed on a conference call Tuesday, March 24. “I’m about halfway through right now, so that’s pretty much been my binge watch.”

Despite the extra free time, Pomkyal has, so far, turned down all offers to join his teammates on Call of Duty: Warzone.

“They’ve been texting me, I’ll tell you what. They’ve been trying to get me on for a while now. I talked to Reggie (Cannon) yesterday just seeing how he was, how he was coping. Just making sure that he’s not alone right now. But they have been trying to get me on [Call of Duty) but I haven’t caved yet. But we’ll see.”

Still, that doesn’t mean he’s lost his competitive edge.

“Now that I’m home I’ve been playing [board] games. I love playing Monopoly, Settlers of Catan, games that take a while and are pretty strategic. I’m not too big on lucky games. I like to play games that have some strategy.”

While entertainment hasn’t been an issue, Pomykal is still experiencing a common downside of social distancing.

“Just hanging out with friends is the thing I miss that most—especially because all my friends are home from college. All my hometown boys are back here and we can’t even hangout. So that’s probably the hardest part, besides not being able to play soccer.”

Another drawback of social deprivation: Restaurant closures. Pomykal is, admittedly, a common customer at a few of his local restaurants, and their closures have forced him to try his own hand at meal prep. 

“I’m still learning how to cook, let’s just say that.”