FC Dallas' to Reveal 'The Legacy Kit' on February 5

FRISCO, Texas – Think back to that first Dallas Burn kit in 1996. Now fast forward 25 years. A lot of time has passed. A lot of memories have been made. Certain fashion styles have come and gone. And now, it is time to usher in a new piece of FC Dallas merchandise.  

Tomorrow: A Founding Club

Oh, this is new. Located on the drop hem of the authentic jersey, the nine silver stars represent the remaining charter clubs that formed MLS. This is only included on the authentic jerseys of those nine clubs. Is everybody excited to see the new kit in its entirety? Stay tuned.

Three Days Out: The MLS Patch

Our first look at the new kit takes us to the sleeve, where like a number of clubs, MLS is also celebrating its 25th anniversary. To do so, the league’s patch now includes a creative design to surround the number 25. Looks like the kit design includes mesh fabric on the sleeves and back of the jersey as well. More to come soon.   

Five Days Out: Red Socks

The first teaser gives us all a good look at the new socks the players will wear this season. The classic Adidas stripes, represented by blue hoops, complement FC Dallas’ club history. This may not be the jersey just yet, but we’re getting closer. Patience is a virtue.

With the help of YouTube sensation Dude Perfect, FC Dallas will unveil its brand-new home kit, ‘The Legacy Kit’, on Feb. 5. As the name hints, the shirt takes inspiration from the club’s 25-year history, blending a bit of modern style with some old school, classic features.

On Feb. 27, fans can catch their first in-person glimpse of the kit at Cocktails and Cleats, taking place inside the Hall of Fame Club at Toyota Stadium. That is just the beginning. As we inch ever closer to the beginning of the 2020 MLS season, Cocktails and Cleats is the one night where those in attendance can meet and interact with the entire FC Dallas squad. Tickets are on sale now.