Player Profile: Captain and Center Back Brecc Evans Leads North Texas in Inaugural Season

FRISCO - In the world of sports where everything is becoming more quantifiable and more analytical, there is one thing that remains impossible to quantify. It is a quality that is both critical to success and highly elusive. That quality is leadership, and for many players it is present, or it is not. North Texas SC is lucky enough to have someone that is the embodiment of that all too rare quality. That person is captain and center back Brecc Evans.

Evans has been a key player for the FC Dallas Academy for years. He was a center back during their 2017 Dallas Cup triumph and left to go play for California Polytechnic. After earning a spot on the Big West All-Freshman team, he returned to Frisco to join North Texas SC. It presented a unique opportunity to play professionally and join the FC Dallas pipeline without having to go through four years of college.

The centerback has been crucial to the success of the newly formed North Texas team. Evans started the first four games before going down to injury. The team won four straight while Evans was in the side, and in his absence, they lost their unbeaten record and their goals allowed jumped significantly. After his return, he started 18 of 19 games and helped lead North Texas to one of the best defenses in the league.

Evans led a backline that rotated constantly. Over the course of the season Evans played with three different center back partners, as well as more than 10 different wing backs. The captain was strong and commanding no matter who he played with. Evans was in the top two for clearances, blocks, and interceptions. What’s more, Evans started in 11 of the 12 clean sheets North Texas kept.

“Brecc is our captian and our leader,” Head Coach Eric Quill said when discussing the impact, the center back has on the team. “He is our rock in the locker room, he holds everyone accountable.”

Despite his considerable influence, Evans is the first to play down his own role. “I go out there and I work hard for the team,” Evans noted. “I try and leave 100% on the field.”

When pressed about his personal contribution, Evans was quick to point out that “getting to the postseason was a team effort, and we have a great team.”

Evans embodies the ideal that actions speak louder and words, and while he is by no means a quiet player, the effort and emotion he shows on the field has rubbed off on his teammates.

“He is the ultimate competitor,” Quill said about the captain’s attitude. “It doesn’t matter what we are doing. He competes to be the best, and he holds himself and his teammates to a high standard.”

Despite the many unique issues that North Texas have dealt with, especially regarding an ever-changing squad, Evans has remained an indomitable force at center back regardless the situation. As the postseason begins, it will be no surprise to see Evans lead the team out, both literally and metaphorically.