FC Dallas Focuses on Closing the Gap Between Performance and Winning

FRISCO - FC Dallas has had its fair share of challenges as the season has progressed. Their next obstacle to overcome is the gap between a good performance and a win as Seattle Sounders FC visit Toyota Stadium on Saturday.

Head coach Luchi Gonzalez understands that the two factors aren’t necessarily intertwined. That you can have a great performance and not get a win.

“We want to take the performance we had in Vancouver and maintain it, and grow it,” he said this week as the team prepares for the second-place Sounders. 

“The mentality in training can’t drop and it can’t be at the back of our minds,” forward Dominique Badji said as the young team continues to grow and build its identity. “The mentality plays such a strong part, and if we take it easy during the week because we’re worried about getting injured it has a trickle down effect to the game.”

Midfielder Jacori Hayes has seen the narrow gap between performances and winning in a streak of four straight starts. The biggest step he sees that the group needs to take is capitalizing on their chances.  

“We need to be more efficient when we have the ball. We did good in possession, we played a good game in terms of how we want to play," Hayes said. “In the final third it’s just putting it all together, putting the final touches on there...It’s fine tuning things, being ruthless in the box.”

“It’s work. It’s our training, it’s video," Gonzalez added. "It’s believing and hoping and us having the boys in an environment where they’re competing.”