2019 Academy Ranking

ACADEMY: U-19s and U-17s Look to Hold Top Spots as the Season Draws Towards the End

FRISCO- As the season comes to a close both the U-19s and U-17s have made a statement in the nationwide rankings.

The U-19 Academy currently sits in the No. 1 spot heading in to end of the Academy season with a record of 19-3-1 and an overall 2.5 points/game. With one game remaining due to a weather cancellation on the 18th the U-19s are hoping to hold their position over the Barca Academy who are trailing just behind them with a 17-5-1 record and 2.26 Pts/G. Barca finished their season this past weekend with a final win over Nomads SC and a total of 52 points. If FC Dallas can win their game and hold the number 1 spot, they are ranked the best team in the country heading in to Academy Playoffs.

The U-17s have earned themselves the No. 3 ranking in the country so far this season. With one game remaining on their schedule and trailing the No. 2 seed by just 0.0836 Pts/G they have the chance to take the second spot before the season ends. Their remaining game is against Solar who are ranked as the 5th seed. Shattuck-St. Mary’s, who currently sit at number one in the country finished their season with a total of 58 points this season. The current rankings are within a game or two of each other, and on top of trying to take the number two spot, FC Dallas is in the top three position heading in to Academy playoffs.