FC Dallas WPSL Defeats Texas Spurs FC 3-0 in First Match

FRISCO — FC Dallas kicked its WPSL season off with a dominant 3-0 win over Texas Spurs FC with all three goals coming from different players.

The WPSL team is largely composed of FCD Academy players who play at the collegiate level. The women, who come home in the summer, join the team in order to stay fit and sharp by the time they have to return to their respective schools.

With the roster flux differing week-to-week, it is a difficult task for Head Coach Tyler Powell to build chemistry throughout the team. The 3-0 win shows how much talent the side as at its disposal every game.

“You never know what to expect from your first game," Powell said. "We have a lot of players — a lot of homegrown players — so they know what the expectation is to play for FC Dallas. All of them come from their respective schools. It’s a little bit of a challenge for them to sync back up together, but we can’t really complain with the result tonight.”

Wednesday night saw a highly possessive match with both teams fighting to maintain the ball for long stretches in an effort to create opportunities. FC Dallas scored twice within a seven-minute period late in the first half with goals coming from Abby Grace Cooper and Kathryn Rogers.

FCD only needed nine minutes in the second half to score its third and final goal of the game from Brittany Martin. Although FC Dallas only scored once in the second half, Powell said he was proud of the way the team dominated Spurs and controlled the match.

"It was a little bit of a challenge in the first, even though we were winning 2-0," Powell said. "But in the second half, even though we only scored one, we controlled the game from start to finish."

Cooper said the only thing the team needs to work on so far is building team chemistry. Once more players start to come home and the team begins to get stronger, she said it will be easier to figure out a style of play the team wants to create.

“I think that we need to work on team chemistry, but for a first game, overall, we have a lot of potential and a lot of things to look forward to in this long season," Cooper said. "So, I think for the first game there’s definitely a lot of positives that came out of tonight.”

FC Dallas will return to action next Friday in Fort Worth when it takes on SouthStar FC at 7 p.m.