Tattoos of FCD
FC Dallas/Jessica Tobias

INK'D: Explore the Many Tattoos of FC Dallas and Learn Their Meanings

FRISCO - In training, at matches or simply on the streets around town, it's hard to deny the eclectic mix of ink and artwork that dawns the skin of some FC Dallas players. 

With each tattoo, there's a story to be told. Who it's for, what it represents, its personal meaning or daily reminder, forever etched on the body. 

Today, we take a closer look at each's ink with a simple question: Which one carries the most significance to you? 


Much like anything Ryan Hollingshead does in his life, his faith and his family are the reasons behind his most meaningful ink. 

"I have a lion on the inside of my arm, that’s pretty meaningful for me because of my faith. The Lion of Judah is a name for Jesus when he returns, when he comes back the second time, so that for me means a lot," he said. "I (also) have a pianese, a flower, that’s on the outside of my arm. That’s my wife’s favorite flower and the flower that was our bouquets at our wedding."


On his left calf, usually hidden underneath his socks on gameday, Michael Barrios has the name of his son, Dayans, as well as the date he was born and the imprint of his footprints from the hospital.

The largest tattoo runs down the length of the midfielder's ribs, an inscription of Psalms 121, which holds a special meaning with his own parents.

"When I was a kid, my parents used to read it to me before going to bed and it just stuck with me."

Often one of the most painful places to get inked, Barrios noted that it was the most painful one he's gotten. But sometimes with pain comes beauty. 


As a newly-turned 18 year old, Jesus Ferreira knew exactly what he wanted his first tattoo to be: his mom's name, Yudelmira.

"She's a big piece of my life. She means the world to me," he said. "I think it's a representation of what she means to me."

He's far from done, though, adding that eventually he wants to complete a whole sleeve of ink on his arm. 


For Reto Ziegler, so many of his tattoos carry a meaning near and dear to his heart that he couldn't even narrow it down to a few.

"I have many that mean a lot, it’s hard to pick one," he said. "Most of them are for my faith and family, so I can’t pick between the two."

Among his many are the likes of his family members' initials on his left bicep, the words "love" and "faith", the imprint of his wife's kiss, multiple crosses and other symbols of his faith. 

It's his freshest ink, though, that signifies perhaps the biggest part of his life - the name of his newborn daughter, Valentina.


Zdenek Ondrasek is perhaps best-known for his nickname-deriving Cobra tattoo between the shoulder blades on his back, but it's five dates on his forearm that hold the deepest meaning to him: the birth dates of his parents, two sisters and his brother. 

"My family," he said without hesitation. "(It's) the first one I got because family is number one."

When the Cobra scores a goal, he is usually seen kissing his forearm and the dates of those he loves. 


Not all tattoos are unique, and in the case of Bressan, that's what he loves the most. The tattoo on his left leg is a matching tattoo that both he and his younger brother Gabriel have.

"I did it with my brother, who is the most important person for me."

The anchor is inscribed with an Italian quote, in honor of their grandfather's Italian heritage, that translates to "Calm in the storm."


Pablo Aranguiz also has a special connection with his brother, Diego, through ink of his own. On the midfielder's right thigh, the names of the Aranguiz duo surround a soccer-themed piece of art featuring a crown and a boy deep in thought. According to Aranguiz, its symbolism is a boy dreaming of growing up to be somebody in the sport - the best or the king, if you will. His brother, though, no longer plays and it is Aranguiz who still chases its the meaning. Through it, though, they're forever linked. 

Most of his ink has ties to his family, with the names of his mother and son also on his body, as well as a line that serves as a daily motivation and reminder of his roots. 

"(It's) a phrase that says 'A quien juzgue mi camino, le presto mis zapatos,'” which translates to: 'He who judges my path, I lend them my shoes.'


Among the nearly complete sleeve that Santiago Mosquera has running down his left arm, it's the work around his forearm that holds the names of the two women who mean the most to him. 

"It has the name of my mom and of my grandma surrounded by roses," he said. "My grandma’s name was name Rosa, so on the outside of my arm I have Rosa, and on inside of my arm I have Patricia, my mom’s name."

It's not the first time we've heard the special inspiration Mosquera gets from his mother, who he says "motivates me every day."