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FC Dallas

Share Your FC Dallas Love Stories

FRISCO – Valentine's Day is right around the corner and we want to celebrate your passion for the team. When did you fall in love with FC Dallas? Or -- have you met someone special through your love of FC Dallas? 

We want you to share your FC Dallas love story! We want to feature testimonials from you, the fans. So dig up your old photos and romantic stories and send them to us at Perhaps it's a story on how you met your significant other because of FC Dallas, or how a friend introduced you to the team. We'll showcase your stories on Valentine's Day. Here are a few examples to get your inspired:

“We renew our vows every other year. Our wedding was on Wednesday, and it was FC Dallas and we weren’t gonna miss it. So we had our tailgate and all of our fans showed up to the tailgate. And we renewed our vows. Came in, got our pictures taken with everybody and had fun.” -- Samantha Bieghler, FC Dallas Season Ticket Member 

(photo courtesy: Southern Methodist University)

"I fell in love with soccer watching my brother [Clark] play his freshman year at SMU. Watching all those games at old Ownby Stadium and smelling the Mrs. Baird’s plant with the fresh bread every night. And my love continued on.” -- Dan Hunt, FC Dallas President

(photo courtesy: Southern Methodist University)

"That comes from my father. I grew up in a Latin American home. I grew up in Miami, Florida with teammates from Columbia, Brazil, Argentina. I grew up in a very Latin team, youth team. My father was always pushing me to try to create and to attack. To pursue this game. Get me out of my comfort zone. That was my upbringing. And then I get recruited to SMU...and Shellas [Hyndman] just looked me in the eye and said we have a plan for you. We want you to come to Dallas. I bought in and I felt that. No regrets. No looking back. I love that I’m connected to this city for almost 20 years now. And I’m really honored to be at the professional level." -- Luchi Gonzalez, FC Dallas head coach