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FC Dallas/Claudia Castillo

From Pearl Jam to Cardi B, Luchi Gonzalez's Playlists Spans Many Genres

FRISCO - Luchi Gonzalez is a young head coach, but even he feels old at times walking through the FC Dallas locker room - the youngest in MLS in recent years.

With the teenagers and young 20-somethings at the helm of the stereo before and after training, Gonzalez told K&C Masterpiece on 105.3 The Fan Wednesday night that, like any father figure, he picks and chooses his moments to instill some musical wisdom on the kids.

“I will have moments where I’ll subliminally sneak in my music into video [sessions],” he said laughing. “I’ll get some 90s Pearl Jam in there for me too. I gotta read the group but I’m open to young music.

“I have a 10-year-old daughter and a 5-year-old son [too]. Obviously their tastes are gonna be different than mine. They need to know the classics before they can know the new. And I’ll share that with them.”

Gonzalez doesn’t deny enjoying a catchy beat amidst the music the players and his kids alike shuffle between, but he just has one rule: keep it clean.

“If the kids are listening to it, I'll listen Cardi B to make sure it’s a clean version. [It's not necessarily my taste] but I’m gonna move to it and I’m gonna enjoy it. You have to respect the past but also-- doesn’t mean you have to love the current music.”

You can catch the full interview on 2019 preseason, his playing style and upbringing in Miami from Wednesday night’s show below: