Baby Maurer DL
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Jimmy Maurer and Wife Welcome Baby Girl in Surprise Fashion

FRISCO – Jimmy Maurer and his wife welcomed a baby girl early Monday morning in a delivery that caught them by surprise. 

It all started with a tweet -- one of an unexpected labor and delivery at their North Texas Home.  

Jimmy says his wife woke him up at 4:30 a.m. on Monday, February 4 and quickly realized that their baby girl was on their way. "I threw some clothes on and went to start the car, but I realized I had to change to a different set of keys, so I went back in to get those and saw that my wife’s labor was way too intense. So from turning the car off, to getting the new set of keys in the house, to her having a baby was four minutes."

Jimmy and his wife were prepared, as their previous three children had also been quick labor and deliveries, so they had an at-home labor kit...just in case. 

"It was a super fast labor, but luckily my wife is amazing and a super strong woman that basically did it all by herself. We were still throwing labor pads down and getting stuff ready and she just pushed the baby out and grabbed it herself and brought it up. About fifteen minutes later the midwife showed up."

Although Baby Maurer had a quick arrival, her timing was quite perfect. Not only did she arrive before the team packed up and went to Tucson for the remainder of the preseason, but Jimmy's in-laws had already made the trip to town. Don't worry, mommy and baby are doing just fine.