ASK THE EXPERTS: Who Should Play a Bigger Role in 2019?

FRISCO - On Tuesday, we dove into what went wrong in 2018, but now, we set our sights on the 2019 season. FC Dallas has some 21 players already under contract for 2019 with contract options on nearly all of those who are not. 

In the second of our four-part series, we ask: who would you like to see play a bigger role next season?

Steve Davis - National MLS Writer and FCD Color Analyst

It certainly seems time to see Paxton Pomykal and Jesus Ferreira begin to make inroads. Neither one needs to start 30 matches next season, necessarily, in order to stamp “Progress!” on their 2019 report cards. But something along the lines of 10 starts and 20-22 total appearances certainly would like nice come next October, wouldn’t it? That’s especially true with Pomykal, who started his first professional match in 2017.

I would also LOVE to see Chris Richards get 8-10 starts, at least. That is, assuming Bayern Munich doesn’t exercise its purchase option.

Ema Twumasi and Francis Atuahene are 21 and 22, respectively; FCD needs to see what they have in these two.

Limited spot duty for players such as Bryan Reynolds, Thomas Roberts and others, while getting plenty of USL minutes, looks like a good plan.

All of that is to say, younger players inheriting larger roles – and I’d include Jacori Hayes in this group, as well – while maintaining a mix of older hands would be a promising way forward for 2019.

Jon Arnold - Dallas Morning News and

It's time for Pablo Aranguiz to show if the flashes he showed in Seattle and against Minnesota can be sustainable. I don't know if the plan is to turn over the keys of the attack to him, but he definitely fits in the system Oscar Pareja has run much better than other players shoehorned into the No. 10 role during the season - and I don't mean only Maxi Urruti. Maxi isn't a 10, Santiago Mosquera isn't a 10, Roland Lamah definitely isn't a 10. If you're going to run a 4-2-3-1, you need an effective and true playmaker. Aranguiz could be that.

I love Maynor Figueroa, but FCD needs a third center back who can keep up better than the veteran. He's going to be 36 in May. FCD's center-back duo of Matt Hedges and Reto Ziegler is solid (though they're also not getting any younger). Things happen. Red cards happen. Injuries happen. FCD needs more depth at that position, and Figueroa isn't the answer.

Seriously, though, I do love the guy. I hope he finds a great situation for the next few months, has a hell of a Gold Cup and goes out a Honduran hero.

Carlos Alvarado - Spanish Radio Play-by-Play

Pablo Aranguiz. Next year has to be his season.