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ASK THE EXPERTS: Where Does FC Dallas Need to Improve?

FRISCO - We've discussed what happened and who should play a larger role in 2019, but as that roster is built, where should the technical staff place its focus? 

Now, we ask: Where do you want to see improvement next year?

Steve Davis - National MLS Writer and FCD Color Analyst

I certainly won’t be alone in voicing the need for a goal scorer, a ruthless finisher who flat-out “knows where the goal is,” as they say. The numbers have been well documented: No FCD man has hit for more than 12 goals since Jeff Cunningham in 2009.

If you examine the current roster, here’s what FC Dallas currently has:

Maxi Urruti is an 8-10 goal scorer. That’s just what he is. Yes, there was a 12-goal spike in 2017. But his numbers over six seasons remind us: expecting him to be something other than an 8-10 goal scorer is based mostly on hope.

Same with Dom Badji, who is 26 years old now and has yet to record more than 9 goals in a season (four years in MLS now). Roland Lamah and Santiago Mosquera? Neither is a No. 9. The best “pure finisher” on roster is probably Jesus Ferreira. He’ll be 18 years old next season, and his physical development over the last few months has been impressive. That said, asking him to be your day-in, day-out front line goal scorer would seems an unreasonable burden at this point.

Dependable, goal-scoring strikers are valuable. They can be quite expensive. And yet, that’s what FCD needs most.

Past that, Jesse Gonzalez may have reached a plateau in his development; he may need a change of scenery in order to progress.

And FC Dallas desperately needs one vocal, veteran man who will keep players accountable on the field. The team has plenty of “good guys” and good soccer players. They may need one man who won’t always be quite so agreeable when details aren’t meticulously observed, or when effort and energy drop below optimal levels.

Mark Followill - FCD Play-by-Play 

A true and more consistent number 9 would do more for FC Dallas than anything. It doesn't have to be Josef Martinez but somebody capable of scoring 15 goals would be a welcome addition. I think Maxi Urruti can still fit into that forward puzzle as well but in a support role for that starting No. 9, a role much like he thrived in for the Portland Timbers. He was a 60 percent sub, 40 percent starter and produced a 10 goal season in that role. Imagine the potential impact of Urruti's work rate and energy pressing for 25 minutes a match instead of 80-90 minutes every match for months on end.

Carlos Alvarado - Spanish Radio Play-by-Play

Probably one more defender and one more midfielder who can help to Ulloa or Gruezo, somebody with experience. Urruti has to return to his position as a No. 9. and Aranguiz has to be the No. 10. If There is the option of one more forward, but he has to have a lot experience scoring goals.