Dan Hunt Sits with Gina Miller to Discuss 2018 Changes

Dan Hunt Sits with Gina Miller to Discuss Changes for 2018 Season

FRISCO - As the MLS Cup final commences this weekend, FC Dallas is already looking ahead onto the 2018 season with potential signings on the horizon. Dan Hunt sat with Gina Miller on Wednesday to discuss exciting new changes coming to FC Dallas in the weeks to come.

 “We are looking globally for players. And actually, I think you will see players coming from some new markets,” said club President, Hunt. “I think that diversity will be great for FC Dallas. We have had meetings, we have had trips, multiple visits to new locations. Meeting with these young men to make sure [FC Dallas] is the right fit for them.”

 While Hunt did not disclose any specific names, the coaching staff has worked around the clock traveling abroad for potential defensive signings, an area on the field Hunt believes needs improvement.

 “We are going to start with our defense. [At one point] in 95 games, when we scored first, we only lost one of those games. We were giving up way too many early goals. So one of the big mandates was to address that because we believe, we have the players that if we score first, we can win games. We will address our defense first, and with all the players we have in offense, we will be in good shape.” Added Hunt.

 Aside from new signings, Hunt believes that many of the Homegrown players will be “major contributors” in the 2018 season.

 “We feel like they are ready. They have had some great offseason training. I got great reports on the kids. We are excited for them.”