OFFSEASON: Players' Accomplishments During Offseason Training

FRISCO- Throughout the year a professional players goes through four stages. It is up to both the players and coaches to maintain a rhythm which requires minimizing the intensity and maximizing the volume of what they are accustomed in doing.

"Normally when competitions are over there is a relaxation stage in the body that can produce certain muscular injuries, which we are working on preventing,” said strength and conditioning coach Fabian Bazán. 

The four stages that FC Dallas goes through is: preseason, season, offseason (also knowns as the transition period) and the resting stage. Players have officially wrapped up their final practice as they began to rest. For some players like defender Reggie Cannon getting into a mindset of what he needs to continue to develop is already set. 

“Working on our left foots, weak foots, headers, just preparing for when they need us next year,” said Cannon. 

The importance of minimizing the intensity and maximizing the volume is key during this stage in order to keep players on track and make it easier on the level of intensity that will be asked once they return. During this period it is normal for players to have surgeries, because they can rest and recover during the "resting” stage. 

“The resting stage  is necessary to make accommodation for the body for the next season. An athlete needs to be physically and mentally rested. They need to maintain a certain level of physical activity in order to avoid injuries and have them at their best once we put them through the competitive stage,“ Bazán added.

“So many things you are trying to work on and this is honestly the time to do it because you are not really preparing for anything so it is the time to try things out,” said Ryan Hollinghsead.

Players will be resting throughout the end of the year and even though they won’t be monitored daily, it is up to each individual players to stay on track. If the player falls behind it will be difficult to find their pace and increases the probability of being injured.