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FCD President Dan Hunt happy to see "labor of love" card exhibit open at HOF

FRISCO - The National Soccer Hall of Fame isn’t the only Hall of Fame FC Dallas President Dan Hunt has been working on. The avid football fan is one of the co-creators of the Hunt/Casterline Pro Football Hall of Fame Card Collection opening at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio this July.

With more than 300,000 pieces, the collection dates back to 1888 containing some never-before-displayed publically cards assembled by Hunt and Robert Casterline.

“With so much nostalgia and history with things my father hand his hand in, it was a great opportunity to build a collection and have some fun,” said Hunt. “Saying that, not one single piece came from anything my father gave me. Robert and I built this collection together. We just went out and worked for four and a half years and this has been a labor of love.”

Hunt said he hopes to eventually tour the exhibit to both Dallas and Kansas City. While the centerpiece of the collection is perhaps the 1965 Joe Namath rookie, the collection contains sets from as far back as the 1880’s in what the Pro Football HOF website called a “marriage of art, sports and pop culture.”

This “labor of love” has plenty of importance here in Frisco as work begins on the National Soccer Hall of Fame at Toyota Stadium and Hunt says he’s learned plenty of lessons through the process that will help as the club and US Soccer build the Hall of Fame right here at Toyota Stadium.

“It was a great teaching tool building this card collection that has helped me look at the memorabilia coming to Frisco and trying to decide what the fans will enjoy,” said Hunt. “Tt’s also helped me recognize where there are deficiencies in the collection that we have to get focused on because we want this to be the best professional sports hall of fame for any team sport in the country.”