Guillen debut

Saturday a night of firsts for FC Dallas in comprehensive win

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Saturday was a night of firsts for FC Dallas in 2016.

It was the first road win of the season, the first career MLS matches for Aaron Guillen, Timo Pitter and Juan Ortiz and the first matchday roster appearances for Ryan Herman, Colin Bonner and Carlos Lizarazo.

“Since I knew I was going to start I told myself it’s just another game,” said Guillen. “I tried to keep my head and it was another game, so I’m very excited and happy to achieve a goal that I’ve set and I’m happy to get the win.”

For Timo Pitter who called it “a great weekend”, the appearance was a culmination of two months of hard work after appearing as arguably the most impressive young player in preseason friendlies. Having had to spend nearly a week in Germany recently to get his visa paperwork sorted out this month, Timo returned and was rewarded with a ten-minute appearance in which he came close to scoring.

“I was a little nervous, but most of all really excited,” said Pitter. “It was just great to actually get on the field. You’ve been training so hard and so much, it’s great.”

While fellow 2016 draftee Colin Bonner didn’t appear in the match, Saturday will be a day he’ll never forget as he went on his first MLS road trip, and it just so happened to be to his home state of Maryland. The Baltimore-native had over 50 family and friends in appearance and a “we want Bonner” chant was heard booming through RFK Stadium late in the second half.

“It was unbelievable. I’m from this area so it was nice to have my family around and it was great to be with the guys and get the experience was awesome,” said Bonner. “[I had] family, friends, old coaches, just a lot of people from around here and it worked out great that it was the first away trip.”

Of course, the new guys weren’t just spectators. Guillen and Pitter received rave reviews from the coach as FCD scored an emphatic 3-0 win, their third shutout win in four matches this season.

“The guys that debuted today did an excellent job. Aaron Guillen and Timo Pitter came out and helped us. That is great,” said Pareja. “We were missing players for sure, but the challenge always brings you opportunity.”