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PRESEASON: "A united group is the key to a championship run"

FRISCO - There’s a popular Spanish saying that reads: “Dios los cría y ellos se juntan”, which translates to “God makes them, and then they get together”. The phrase has proven true this offseason for FC Dallas.

In his first training session with FCD, newcomer Maxi Urruti said that playing next to an Argentinian was “always special,” referring to fellow countryman Mauro Diaz. And in the following weeks in the preseason, his relationship with Dallas’ number 10 has continued to grow both on and off the field.

Both Maxi and Mauro have become close, and their growing partnership off the field has been well documented by both in social media. 

"Relating off the field is fundamental for every team," said Urruti. "I come from a team that excelled in this, and I think having a united group on and off the field is the key to a good championship run".

For a championship run, more will be needed than the ongoing rapport between the two Argentinian players, but thankfully it’s not just them bonding, either. Fellow South Americans Fabian Castillo and Carlos Gruezo joined them and their families for a weekend trip last weekend to rest and clear their minds before the season kicks into full gear.

"I have a great relationship with the boys, we're friends" Castillo said. "That's important because friendship always has a way of showing on the field. It's hard because they just arrived, and we have to build relationships fast so that when we play against Philadelphia, hopefully that chemistry building between us will show." 

Fabian, known within the locker room for his outgoing personality has made a mark on Urruti in just a few short weeks together.

"'Fabi' is quite the character. He's incredible," he said. "He's a great guy. I haven't known him for long, but we've shared a couple dinners with our families, and he's a very fun person. Truth is, having someone like him in a locker room always helps."

But there seems to be two more outgoing personalities in the locker room now: Gruezo and Urruti himself.

"We're going to be known as the three stooges before long! Why not?" Urruti remarked. "But yeah, you always have to bring that joy into the locker room. You're here to train, and to have fun. You have to leave all the bad things behind to the best you can be for the team and to do all that the coach asks of us."