Urruti first training
Olivia Brestal - FC Dallas

URRUTI: New team, same goal

FRISCO - A few months ago, Maximiliano Urruti was playing in Portland, tasked with eliminating FC Dallas and keeping Texas side from winning their first MLS Cup. Now his goal is exactly the opposite: bringing a championship to the team he eliminated. 

“FC Dallas is a club that has deserved a title for a few years now,” Urruti said after his first training session with his new club. “Hopefully I will be able to bring that to life with my goals.” 

For this promise to come true, he will need to create a partnership with the other Argentinian on the Dallas roster - Mauro Diaz. Urruti says that playing with any fellow countryman is always special. He also added that even though he hasn’t known or played with Mauro for long, he’s sure they will build a good rapport both off and on the field.

And looking at his new club from the outside, Dallas’ attacking style of play is one of the main reason he’s excited to join the squad. 

“Looking at it from the outside-in, I always perceived Dallas as club that wanted to attack,” he said. “Their playing style is very offensive, and that’s always attractive for a striker because you’re bound to get more opportunities to score. This style is one of the main reasons I really like this team.”

In his three seasons in the league, Urruti has established himself as a forward that is willing to sacrifice himself for the team. 

“I enjoy pressuring up the field. I work hard to get the ball back even though I’m a striker. But to do that it’s important to have a team that has an attacking mentality.”

And while he hasn’t been regarded as a pure goalscorer, Maxi said he has lofty goals for that tally this season too. 

“Fifteen or more than 15 would be nice. That’s the number I’m shooting for,” he said. “Well, 15 goals paired with a title, obviously.”