Bracket Challenge: Final Four Update

The NCAA March Madness tournament comes to a close on Monday, so now's the perfect time to check the standings of the FC Dallas Bracket Challenge and see who's got the best shot at winning our awesome prizes. The Final Four will play on Saturday and the championship game will take place on Monday night, so we'll be contacting and announcing our top three winners on Tuesday.

Overall top 10:

1) Thorsr's Bracket (80 points)
2) Jesse's Nice Bracket (78 points)
3) Big C's Bracket (77 points)
3) Shelby's Genius Bracket (77 points)
3) Thorjr3 (77 points)
6) Phil's Third (76 points)
6) Anthony's Agreeable Bracket (76 points)
6) Lloyd's Majestic Bracket (76 points)
9) Mario Valadez's Cool Bracket (74 points)
9) Full Court Press (74 points)

As you can see, it's a tight race at the moment, so be sure to check in on your bracket after the next round to see if you have a shot at one of our great prizes. We'll leave you with the rankings of each of the FC Dallas players who joined our Bracket Challenge. Take a look at where they landed among our 283 entries:

43) Jonathan Top's 2013 Bracket (66 points)
99) Zach Loyd's 2013 Bracket (61 points)
142) Chris Seitz's 2013 Bracket (56 points)
169) Bradlee Baladez's 2013 Bracket (53 points)
169) Walker Zimmerman's 2013 Bracket (53 points)
174) Kyle Zobeck's 2013 Bracket (52 points)
233) Bobby Warshaw's 2013 Bracket (43 points)
242) George John's 2013 Bracket (41 points)