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Supporters Corner: Inferno

This is the fourth of a four-part series highlighting FC Dallas’ Supporters Groups.

Give the them your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and give them anyone who loves FC Dallas and the Inferno will put a scarf around their neck and a flag in their hand.

The Inferno have been supporters of FC Dallas since the club’s founding at the Dallas Burn. The group is open to any and all supporters of FC Dallas and members can be found all over the stadium.

“While the bulk of our members stand in the Beer Garden, we have season ticket holders who prefer a more family-friendly atmosphere on the east side or the fantastic sightlines on the west side,” said Inferno President Parrish Glover.  “We're open to all ages, all ethnicities, and all languages, all everything. If you can work and play well with others, we're thrilled to have you add your voice to ours.”

Your typical Inferno member has two favorite teams, FC Dallas and whoever is playing Houston. Their logo says "One will, one intent" and that's exactly what the group brings to the game-day experience. The Inferno is a diverse group of people coming together as one and pushing for the same purpose for 90 minutes. The unity of the Inferno is not limited to matches; away from the stadium, members have grown into a close-knit family.

“The main thing that drives our enthusiasm is each other,” said Glover. “We meet up for drinks, often at Allen Wickers, even if there's not a game on. We attend each other's weddings and we take care of each other when someone needs a bit of help.”

The Inferno has a lot of new and interesting tricks ready for the 2013 season including new scarves and banners.

“We're talking about a variety of themed tailgates,” said Glover. “We're looking at ways to improve how supporters communicate and how we can expand the breadth of supporter news and content available. We plan on expanding our array of flags. We even have a couple of projects under way that involve collaboration with supporters groups from other cities… 2012 showed what this fan base is capable of. By the end of 2013, nobody will question the passion and intensity of the Dallas supporters.”

For more information, visit their website at or on Facebook or follow them on Twitter @Inferno_FCD