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Supporters Corner: Dallas Football Elite

This is the first of a four-part series highlighting FC Dallas’ Supporters Groups.

The Dallas Football Elite aren’t your stereotypical supporters group.

The focus is less on sustained chanting and more on harassing the visiting club at each home match, all with a goal of creating an atmosphere like that of which you would find at an English Premier League match. The DFE, favors the English style supporters group – which has a little bit of chanting/singing here and there.

When the DFE first got started in 2011, it was met with some adversity from other fans – people asked them to sit down or to move out of the way. In order to create a sense of unity the DFE decided to wear blue in support of FC Dallas’ away colors.

“When we all wore blue we were able to bind ourselves with other supporters that wanted to create a true soccer atmosphere in 103,” said Founder and current president Sean Dorwaldt. “The blue continued to grow and is now our main color. So we strongly encourage you to wear blue if you can. If not, no worries!”

The DFE say they have won over most of the fans in Section 103 with their enthusiasm, but some wonder why the DFE doesn’t move to the Beer Garden.

“It's simple, because our group is open to people of all ages and back ground,” said Dorwaldt. “The age limit of the Beer Garden would not allow for everyone in our group to make that transition over to the Beer Garden. We believe that you shouldn't have to leave your kids at home or be 21 and up to be a supporter.”

For the first time in FC Dallas club history there are two supporter groups with over a 100 season ticket holders in both groups. DFE believes that their relationship with the Dallas Beer Guardians is vital to creating an amazing soccer atmosphere at FC Dallas Stadium. The two supporter groups do things a little bit different, but are working for the same purpose. 

“We have been told numerous times that it would be impossible to build a supporters group on the west side of the stadium,” said Dorwaldt. “The DFE started off with 16 members, and we were at 46 last season, and we are now at 103 season ticket holding members! Overall we have 115 members.”

This year the DFE will be launching a new name for section 103 - The Snake Pit. 

"The Snake Pit offers an FC Dallas supporter a chance to stand with like-minded fans that love to heckle, sing, and even drink,” said Dorwaldt. 

The DFE are constantly doing events and finding new ways to hang out outside the match as well.  Many of the DFE are members of American Outlaws, the USA supporters group, EPL supporter groups like, North Texas Blues, or Blue Moon Dallas. They also have an indoor team for those that want to continue playing the game.

“Overall our group is a door to more connections that will embrace soccer of all forms for those looking to surround themselves with more like minded supporters, said Dorwaldt. “We have worked very hard from the founding of our group to create this atmosphere. We are excited to see that the vision that we have had for our group, and our section, is starting to come true. Our goal along with other supporter groups at FC Dallas is to get FC Dallas Stadium standing!”

For more information on Dallas Football Elite, visit www.dallasfootballelite.com, on Facebook at Facebook.com/dallasfootballelite or on Twitter at @DFelite.