Jacobson Facebook Q&A

Andrew Jacobson chats with fans

FC Dallas midfielder Andrew Jacobson took some time Thursday afternoon to answer questions from fans on the FC Dallas Facebook page. Here are the questions and his answers.


Q: What happened with Chavez?

A: Ya it was sad to see him get traded. He is a very good player and its an unfortunate part of the business.


Q: What do are your own aspirations for the new MLS season?

A: My personal aspirations are to have a better year than last year. I just want to continue growing as a player and I feel that if each year is better, I am on the right track.


Q: If you could play on any team in the world, what would it be and what team would you most want to play against?

A: I would love to play in El Clasico for Barca!


Q: Do you think the team is ready for another MLS cup run?

A: I think this year is going to be a very good year. We have a very good core group of players and are starting to bring in guys that can become difference makers.


Q: With the new additions as well as the departures, how competitive do you see FCD being this year? Also can we please beat Houston?

A: We always mark that Houston game on the calendar.


Q: How do you feel the MLS has grown over the last couple of years and how big do you believe the MLS can get?

A: I really feel like the level has gotten quite a bit better each year. Actually more than I could have ever imagined. I think it will be sooner than people think when we can compete with the big leagues.


Q: Hey AJ.. How's the pre season going? Second year and all...do you feel more comfortable? Any cramps yet? :)

A: Ya I definitely feel more comfortable going into my second year. Haha. Ya the road back to fitness is a painful one.


Q: What do you enjoy most about living in Dallas?

A: I love the people in Dallas. I have lived in quite a few places throughout my life and I can definitely say the nicest people live here


Q: Are you as pumped as I am for this season? :) Go FC Dallas!

A: I think I’m more pumped!!!


Q: Have you been kicked by Bobby Warshaw in last two days?

A: He’s tried but he was only able to kick the air as the ball went through his legs.


Q: Good year last year bro. Who is your toughest match-up that you have played against? (player) GOOD LUCK THIS YEAR...LET'S GET THAT CHAMPIONSHIP!

A: Thanks man! I would say Shalrie Joseph (New England Revolution) is the hardest player to deal with. He really has all the tools.


Q: We know your a great assist man but Have you been given the green light on taking some long range shots? We know you got a cannon!

A: Haha ya man, I definitely have the all clear this year to take some long distance shots.


Q: I am about to move to Pearland outside of Houston from Scotland. I am divided to support either FC Dallas or Dynamo, I did personally know Simo Valakari when he played in Scotland with Motherwell. Why should I support FC Dallas over Dynamo?

A: Go to YouTube and type in "we all hate houston" and that should answer your question. We are more entertaining to watch.


Q: AJ do you talk Spanish?

A: I speak a little. I know French pretty well but that doesn’t go very far in our locker room.


Q: John Wayne or Clint Eastwood?

A: Clint Eastwood


Q: Who would you consider to be the greatest ever Australian soccer player?

A: Tim Cahill


Q: Giants or Pats?

A: It depends on the spread but I can't go against Brady.