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Brek Shea: "I can't wait to get in camp"

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FC Dallas midfielder Brek Shea is among the 22-player roster U.S. Men’s National Team head coach Jurgen Klinsmann has named for the match against regional rival Mexico on Aug. 10 at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. caught up with Shea just before leaving with the club for their pivotal Western Conference match at the LA Galaxy. What was your initial reaction when you found out about the call-up?
Brek Shea: I’m excited. Any time you get a chance to play for your country it is an honor. Hopefully I get a chance to play against Mexico, I can’t wait to get in camp. How important is this camp with a new coach, having the chance to play in front of him for the first time?
Shea: I think any camp is important when you play with the national team. But yeah, first impressions are important. It’s not really a camp though. I’ll get in, recover and prepare for the game, so I don’t know how much training there will actually be. In the past year you’ve been called on to play both as a midfielder and a defender. Is there any difference in the way you approach it?
Shea: I approach it the same either way. Soccer is soccer. What will your travel schedule be like? Will you miss any games for FC Dallas?
Shea: I’ll play Saturday (FC Dallas takes on the Galaxy in LA on August 6), then I’ll fly Sunday straight to Philly and meet up with the national team. Then after [the game with Mexico] I’ll wait in Philly for FC Dallas and then I’ll play in Philly with Dallas (FC Dallas takes on the Union in Philadelphia on August 13). After all the games FC Dallas has played so far this season, do you worry about fatigue heading into a match with the national team?
Shea: Not for me. I think after all the games and all the traveling, yeah anyone would be tired. But any time you get a chance to play against Mexico, especially being from the U.S., there’s plenty of reason to forget about that and play as hard as you can, and that’s what I’ll do.