training: 4-12

FC Dallas Training Report: 4/12

FRISCO, Texas – Coming off a huge, 3-0 victory over the undefeated defending MLS Cup Champion Colorado Rapids, FC Dallas took to the adidas field at Pizza Hut Park this morning in preparation of Sunday’s match against the MLS expansion Portland Timbers (5 p.m. CT on Fox Sports SW).

Following warm-ups, FC Dallas head coach Schellas Hyndman warned the team that the training session would be exhausting and quickly divided the squad up into four teams. The blue and white teams combined to shoot on the north goal guarded by Kevin Hartman while the orange and green teams attacked the south goal patrolled by Chris Seitz.

Hyndman assigned different touch allowances per the color of a player’s jersey. For example, Peri Marosevic (blue team) had unlimited touches on the ball per possession. He could pass to any player on the blue or white team. However, when playing a pass to a player on the white team (limited to one touch on the ball per possession), Marosevic was forced to play a pass that allowed the player on the white team to retain possession of the ball with a single touch. Hyndman would alternate the amount of touches each team had on the ball per possession throughout the drill.

Blue: Peri Marosevic, Zach Loyd, Eric Alexander, George John, Eric Avila, Moises Hernandez.
White: Milton Rodriguez, Daniel Hernandez, Jonathan Top, Fabian Castillo, Ugo Ihemelu, Andrew Wiedeman.
Orange: Bruno Guarda, Jair Benitez, Bryan Leyva, Ruben Luna, David Ferreira, Maykel Galindo.
Green: Victor Ulloa, Brek Shea, Bobby Warshaw, Jackson, Andrew Jacobson, Ricardo Villar.

Fittingly, Marosevic ended the drill on a goal after receiving a through ball. Dribbling in alone on Seitz, Marosevic did well to keep possession after a hard challenge from Bobby Warshaw. Marosevic calmly switched the ball from his left foot to his right foot to avoid the tackle before chipping a shot to the back post.

Attacking Drills
The coaching staff broke off into two drills. Hyndman stayed on the north side of the pitch running a three-on-two attacking drill while Oscar Pareja and Marco Ferruzzi ran a keep-away drill on the south end. After 20-minutes of work, Hyndman broke the entire squad up into teams of three to compete in games of three-on-three with full size goals in a 40-yard area.


  • Andrew Jacobson scored three goals in the five games he played, two were lasers to the far post from distance.
  • Maykel Galindo, who scored his first goal as an official member of FC Dallas on Saturday against the Colorado Rapids Reserves, was robbed of another goal by Josh Lambo. Running left-to-right, Galindo struck a ball back towards the near post only to have Lambo make a diving save to his right.
  • The best match of the day was a 2-2 game between blue (Villar, Galindo, Jacobson) and white (D. Hernandez, Ihemelu, Castillo). The white team went up 2-0 early on goals by Hernandez and Castillo. The first was a pass from Castillo, over the top of the defense to Hernandez at the back post. Hernandez did well to chest the ball down to his feet with his first touch before finishing low to the far post from a tight angle with his second touch. Castillo did a bit of free-lance work on the second goal, using his speed to open up a shooting lane before hammering a shot to the back post. The blue team fired back with another howitzer from Jacobson, who also set up the second goal with a nice pass inside to Galindo, who finished into an empty net.