Training: Feb. 16
Jason Minnick

FC Dallas Training Report: 2/16


Feb. 16: Morning Session

FRISCO, Texas – FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman began this morning’s training session with a continuous jogging/finishing exercise known as “the Chelsea Drill.”

The Chelsea Drill
The drill begins with two teams on opposite corners of the field. Player one makes the first pass to the middle of the field, where player two knocks the ball laterally across the field to player three. Player three sends a ball into the corner of the field, where the opposite team started their drill. There, player four sends a cross into the area for player two to finish. After making their pass, each player moves to the position to which they just passed, creating a circular jogging pattern. Hyndman cycled a third team in and out of the drill over the course of the hour.

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Defender Zach Loyd returned to his first full training session after a week-long absence stemming from an eye contusion suffered in training. Taking his place on the sidelines was FC Dallas Home Grown player Jonathan Top, returning early from U.S. Under-18 National Team Camp in Phoenix, Ariz. with an ankle injury. Ugo Ihemelu (sports hernia surgery), Kyle Davies (ankle surgery), Charlie Campbell (strained hamstring), Edson Edward (ACL) and Craig Hill (knee) also worked with the FC Dallas training staff.

5-on-5 Mini Games
Following the prolonged warm-up session, the team was divided up into four teams of five for head-to-head competition. Loyd played well despite his time off. In one of the first games of the day, he picked out Break Shea who was making a timely back-post run. Shea scored easily thanks to the sharp pass from Loyd.

Victor Ulloa scored following a great give-and-go at the near post. At the opposite end of the field, Maykel Galindo did the same, nodding a lofted header to the back post to tie the game 1-1. Chris Seitz looked sharp throughout the session. He made a handful of diving and point-blank saves. Marvin Chavez did well to take a ball off the foot of Scott Grodon. Giving up 11 inches to Gordon, the Honduran international laid out to block a hard shot from the left side. Chavez also recovered from the slide-tackle in time to retain possession of the ball.

Feb. 15: Evening Session
Hyndman runs light session following morning scrimmage

Following an intense, 90-miute battle with Houston Baptist Tuesday morning, FC Dallas Head Coach Schellas Hyndman focused on set plays during the afternoon session that began at 5:30 p.m. at Pizza Hut Park.

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A goal-scorer earlier in the day, Ricardo Villar alternated taking corner kicks with David Ferreira. The rest of the team remained at the top of the area listening intently to Hyndman’s directions. After speaking with the group, two teams of six took turns perfecting their runs to points on the field designated by Hyndman. The coach eventually turned the drill into a competition between the two teams to up the level of intensity.

Bobby Warshaw, who came forward on a corner kick and whacked a header off the post during the game against Houston Baptist, remained unlucky. He knocked another header towards the center of the goal during last night’s competition only to have the ball deflect off the crossbar and out of play.

Free Kicks
Next, Hyndman moved the drill to the left side of the field, roughly 35-yards from goal to work on set pieces. Ferreira, Villar, Marvin Chavez, Bryan Leyva and Jair Benitez took turns on the ball, sending crosses to the near post, far post and sometimes on goal. Hyndman stressed the importance of finishing near post runs during the drill. He pointed out that both defenders and the goalkeeper would be drawn to that area and that would help spread out the defense.

During the drill, Ferreira sent a pass into Alexis Pradie, who was making a run through the middle of the box about 12 yards from goal. A forward in college, Pradie struck the ball well, avoiding the body of a sliding Kevin Hartman and sending a sure-goal to the back post, but at the last second Hartman deflected the ball away from goal with a sweeping left-handed save. Seconds later, Andrew Wiedeman gave the veteran goalkeeper no chance. He hit the inlet pass with his first touch, high to the near post.

FC Dallas will pick training back up tomorrow at 10 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Stay tuned to for updates.