FC Dallas Fourth of July Memories

FC Dallas players and coaches may be busy with a league game against Chivas USA this Fourth of July, but that doesn't keep them from reminiscing their favorite Independence Day traditions. Some of the players and head coach Schellas Hyndman shared their favorite holiday traditions and memories. 

Kenny Cooper: "For me the Fourth of July game is one of my favorite memories of the day. It's always a special game here and there's always a great turnout and it's always a fun, festive night."

Zach Loyd: "I lived by the Verdigris River and we used to go there. They have a little carnival and rodeo and at the end of the night they have a firework show, so that's been my family's tradition since I was a little kid."

"Now the tradition's that my family comes here. Since I've been here we've gotten the Fourth of July game every year, so this has turned into the tradition. It's always awesome to play here on the Fourth." 

London Woodberry: "I like to wear the most American outfit I can find. I've got some pants already planned out."

Kellyn Acosta: "I come out here to FC Dallas games and watch the fireworks afterwards."

Schellas Hyndman: "I think it's fantastic to have a home game on such an important date in our country. It's also a great opportunity to get a sellout crowd and to make it more of an event than a soccer game, whether it's the atmoshpere, whether it's the competition or the fireworks afterwards. We know we'll have fireworks after the game. We just hope those are celebrating a successful game."

"[Prior to joining FCD] We always enjoyed going to the mountains in Colorado and watching the Fireworks in Vale or Aspen when we could get away...Putting it all together, I'm glad to be here and playing in a soccer game." 

FC Dallas will take on Chivas USA at 8 pm. A fireworks show will follow the game(MORE INFO).