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FC Dallas Media Day - fan chat transcript allowed fans to get in on Media Day this year. The following is Part I of the marathon chat session featuring FC Dallas players answering questions from fans. Part II can be found here.


Andrew Jacobson

What are you doing to get ready for 2013?

I spent most of the off season working out in the gym and trying to get as strong as possible for the season


Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

Probably a horse-sized duck because it wouldn’t be able to sneak up on me and I want to see what it looks like


What are your thoughts on the team heading into the season opener?

This is definitely the strongest team I have been a part of. I think we have a lot of depth and talent. This team has the makings of something special


What’s the over/under on how many Dallas Beer Guardians scarves you get this year?

Well we have 18 home games this year including the international friendly. If I score and come and jump into the DBG how many scarves do I get? the over/under is 40 but I would take the over


Thoughts on the formation you guys were playing in preseason? Looked like it worked well with you and Bobby in there.

Thanks. I think we both felt really comfortable in there. I thought Bobby brought a lot of balance to the team and it really allowed everyone to do what they do best.


Chris Seitz

Hey Chris! How's the keeper battle going?

Going well all three of us are doing well! we miss richard though! glad to see him killing it with mexico!


Grant wahl did a survey it ask 18 players if they had one team they would not want to play for who would it be? only 8 responded 2 said fc dallas im guessing that is because of the heat but at the same time when asked which team has the worst MLS Stadium Atmosphere, 6 (which had the most votes) responded FC Dallas what do you think of that?

Well in the three years i have been here i have seen a huge change in the stadium! between the growth in fans and the knowledge they have brought it has been huge for us! I love the direction our supporter groups are going in and they are growing every game!


Obviously the goal is to win the MLS Cup but is there any focus on winning the derby matches currently? Houston is right around the corner and you know we want to shut them up.

Whats up stone! I think a big part of our focus is always to make the playoffs, you see each and every year teams that get hot right around playoffs make deep runs into them and end up winning so our focus right now is to start strong and get better each game! We obviously look and circle the houston game we know how much that game means to our fans and we always want to get el capitan back!!


What's your favorite road trip in the league?

I actually really enjoy alot of the road trips especially the ones we have success in! chicago, philly, la and san jose to name a few!!


Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

i think i would match up better 1 on 1 with the oversized duck... what about you?


Are there any positive changes you see in the team this preseason that weren't there last year? reasons to be more excited about 2013 than you were in 2012?

There are a lot of positive changes!!! we have a crazy amount of proven talent up top! we are brining back the same back four and mid field!!! i think our team is as strong as ever!!


I'm from Peru and a big fan of Raul Fernandez who is one the new hires...what you think about him?

Raul has been a great add he is my roomie on the road! good guy for sure and def brings a little latin flair to our keeper group.


Before each game are there any pre-game rituals you like to do to prepare yourself mentally?

i like to do my homework, watch alot of video and get a good feel on how the team is going to attack us. from there i look to have a good week of training and give me the best chance to succeed on saturdays!!


Obviously you are a big supporter of Delete Blood Cancer; what does it mean to you that DBG has chosen to support that as our charity for the 3 v 3 tourney we hold?

This is the first ive heard of it! but that is freaking awesome! Im pumped, great of you guys to do something like that!


George John

Who on the team can grow the best beard?

Hasli has a pretty gnarly neck beard

so I'd have to say Hasli, but Warshaw can grow nice facial hair


What's happenin GJ! Good to see you back! how do you feel about the addition of Michel and Keel in the back?

Marcus!!! what's up my man??? Keel is a great guy and very good player. Michel is a quality left back, and he speaks a little Greek, so I like that as well

He prob speaks a little more Greek than I do actually....

but he can't dance like me

so I'm excited to have both on the team, they're great additions


Who is the best at FIFA? Do yall play a lot?

Ummmm, I’m don't really game that often, but I’ve heard London talking a lot of smack in the locker room. So I'd put my money on him

Back in my college days, I was a pretty good fifa player, but I haven't picked up the sticks in a few year


GEOOOORGE!!! just wanna say that you are on my fantasy team so go out there and kick some arse! GO HOOPS!

Thanks "guest" I'll make you proud


George! Do you feel like you're back at the top of your game and ready for a great season or are you still feeling the effects of surgery?

Sara, what's up girl? I'm feeling better every day and every week. Wouldn't say that I’m at the top of my game, but I'm getting there, and it'll be soon

I'm ready for Saturday’s game though, that's for sure


Is it pronounced "mi-KEL" or "mi-SHELL"?

It's Michel, like a girl


I am from Peru and a big fan of Raul Fernandez is there any way I can get a hold of him? or talk to him here?

Hey Miguel, I can't send you his info, but he'll be on here soon enough. How's the weather in Peru?


The own goal in MLS Cup 2010 much have been devastating, who gave you the best advice to put it behind you and move forward?

Barrett, the best advice and guidance I got following the own goal was from Kevin Hartman. After the game he came up to me and said, "Don't let this define you or your career. It happened, we lost, it's life, but this isn't you."

It really helped me put it into perspective and I've moved on from it. Being in MLS cup was a great experience though, and FCD's 2010 team was very memorable for me


Can we get a quick look at your money maker, the HAIR!

Sorry not today, been wearing the hat all day, ha!


Any chance you get traded this season?

Guest, I hope not


Who wins in a fight, Andrew Jacobson or Bobby Warshaw?

Warshaw would come out barking really loud, but Jacobson would out smart him and win


Who is the biggest locker room jokester?

I'd say Jacobson is the most sarcastic, so he's up there. Him or Jon Top


does guest ask the worst questions?

Huck, I don't know man, but I like you


George, what goals has the team set for 2013?

Jeremy, our goal is play attractive exciting soccer and to make the playoffs. Once we make the playoffs we set new goals.


Thoughts on the youth of the team and how it stacks up versus the more veteran squad of last year?

Sup B?, It's really exciting to have so many young guys on the field and in the locker room. There's a lot of energy and the kids can really play.

Much different atmosphere in the locker room this year and everyone is really enjoying each other on and off the field.


Alright people, I'm out. It's been a pleasure, lets do it again.

Next up in my boy Raullllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!




Hola Raul como estas? Soy Miguel Vivo en Dallas hace un año y medio y me encantaria poder tomarme una foto contigo soy tu HINCHA!!! dime como puedo contactarte? te doy mi numero? email? y please no me digas que vaya a los entrenamientos a verte pues tengo que trabajar pez bateria jajaja

buenas tardes a todos mis amigos soy raul fernandez mas conocido como superman , quiero agradecer el apoyo de toda la gente

mi amigo cuando quieras nos tomamos la foto , puedes venir algun partido de nosotros


Welcome Raul- Who is the best player you have ever played against?

el mejor jugador todos lo conocen se llama messi. jugamos el ano pasado contra la seleccion argentina

The best player i have ever played against is messi. we played last year against the Argentine National team.


Welcome to Dallas, Raul! What's been your favorite thing in Dallas so far?

bueno , no he tenido mucho tiempo aqui , llegue e hicimos la pretemporada . tengo ganas de conocer la ciudad , pero con paciencia

Hi Erin, I haven’t had much time in Dallas to hang out. I got here and preseason began. I'm excited to get out and know the city.


Ok voy a ir al partido pero creo que se me va hacer imposible llegar hasta a ti para la foto alguna recomendacion?

esperame hasta el final del partido q yo salgo y encantado x la foto q deseas mi amigo no hay problema

For Miguel: Wait for me until the end of the game and when I leave we can take photos no problem :)


Raul eres el arquero titular ya decidido? Raul are you the starting goalkeeper is that what the Coach has decided

bueno carlos trabajo para eso , aun no se la decision sera tomada en esta semana

Well Carlos, I'm working for that but yet I don't know what the decision will be this week.


How is your English? como te va con el ingles?

bueno , ahi estamos tengo q aprender , y me gusta asi q tengo q hacerlo lo mas rapido jejejeje

Well, Here we are. I have to learn English and I like that. I have to learn it as fast as possible hahaha


Raul, welcome to Dallas! We can't wait to chant for you from the Beer Garden. How is the communication going between you and the back line?

buena pregunta , gracias por tu apoyo , bueno ahi hablando con ellos xq es importante hablar con tu defensa , bueno palabras basica en ingles he aprendido rapido por la cual es necesario. pero palabras solo en el campo de juego jejejeje

Great question, thanks for your support. Its important to talk to your defense. HTe basic words in English I have learned quickly and what is necessary. Left, left, right, right, play short, play long, KEEPER!


How much different is Dallas from where you were in France?

A: hay muchas , creo q la liga de aqui esta en ascendencia muy rapido y eso es bueno

There are many. I think that the league here is rising very quickly and that is good.


has salido a comer a restaurantes peruano? Have you had a chance to go eat at a Peruvian restaurant? there are many here in Dallas good food!

no he tenido la oportunida de conocer algun restaurant peruano , si conoces alguno mandame la direccion para ir a visitar por ahi jajajaja

I havent had the opportunity to get to know a peruvian restaurant. if you know one send me the address! Haha


Coming from France do you think this is a competitive league or would you rather go back to Europe?

pienso q si es competitiva , no al nivel de la francesa , x ahora no pienso en regresar por que mi presente es el fc dallas

I think that this is a competitive league but not at the level of France. Right now I dont think about returning because I am here with FC Dallas!


bueno mis amigos , muchas gracias por sus preguntas , nos vemos el sabado , y estoy emocionado de empezar la temporada con fc dallas DTID DIOS LOS BENDIGA

Well my friends, thank you for your questions! We'll see you this Saturday! I am excited to start the season with FC Dallas. God bless you!


Blas Perez

Blas, how do you like being teamed up with Kenny Cooper up top?

IT'S GREAT. I think Kenny will really help out the team


What do you think so far of the 4-4-2 that Hyndman is moving to? That said, which other striker do you feel most comfortable with next to you?

Great, I think two strikers is more bodies to help offensively and I think it will do well for the team.


BLAS! How has it been working with DF since he returned from injury last season? How is your chemistry with him progressing?

With David I have a great understanding he is a great player and extremely inteligent


who was your role model as a player growing up?

My Father was my role model


US/Panama WCQ matches: How do you get your head wrapped around that one?

Panama will win, match will be very hard.


Barca or Madrid today?



Como te llevas con Raul hablan español? how many players speak spanish in the team?

estoy intentando escribir en ingles ok

muy bien, Raul ha caido de maravilla al equipo, es un gran tipo y muy profesional

8-players speak spanish on the team

David Fabian Jair Blas Michelle Top Victor Me


Who speaks better english, you, your wife or your kids?

jajajajaj yo hablo mejor ingles que mi esposa, I speak better than my wife


Hi Blas, I love your intensity on the field. How do you motivate others on the pitch when things don't seem to be favoring the team?

I always try to give the team some spirit and motivation when things are not going our way and I love motivating the team


Do your braces bother you on the field? When do you get them off?

this year they come off


thanks for your questions

Gracias a Todos por el gran apoyo que nos dan en los partidos, Dallas hasta la muerte

thanks for your support and DTID