Cindy Schroeder


Cindy Schroeder has been the soccer coach for Coppell Special Olympics for nine years. She initiated the soccer program because of her love of watching her boys play soccer and her involvement in special education. She realized very early on that coaching for Special Olympics would become a very important part of her life and a chance to give back to the community.

Cindy is also very passionate about sharing her love for Special Olympics and its mission. She has involved many of the high school and collegiate soccer players from Coppell as volunteers and has enjoyed watching the friendships develop on and off the field with the athletes.  In her role as volunteer trainer of Coppell Special Olympics, she enjoys being a liaison between the organization’s many volunteers and coaches.

Cindy is very excited to share the experience with Special Olympics and FC Dallas, as it includes working with two of her boys as coaches, one of her soccer volunteers as a partner and an athlete from her team.  She hopes that she can spread the word about acceptance and inclusion of all people through sport with her continued involvement in Special Olympics.