FCD SOTX - Cara Hayden

  • Position: Forward
  • Birthday: 5/7/1999 (18)
  • About: My name is Cara Hayden and I enjoy being a part of anything new. Although I was unable to participate in SO last year and to be a part of this amazing team, I am looking forward to a fantastic Special Olympics experience this year and getting to meet many new people.
  • Favorite Soccer Moment: Scoring in a club match from the center circle for a game-winning goal.
  • Employment: Veterinary Clinic - I have volunteered for several years and was employed last summer. I really enjoy working with animals.
  • Looking Forward to Most: Getting to know all the amazing people involved with Special Olympics and FC Dallas. 
  • Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy playing soccer, being active, making friends, and trying new things.