Donation Requests

Due to the large volume of requests we receive, FC Dallas has established an in-state-only policy for donations. Out-of-state requests will not be accepted. Only one request per organization will be fulfilled per year. All charitable contributions will be granted only to organizations with 501(c) (3) status. FC Dallas does not donate merchandise to be used as prizes or volunteer recognition gifts.

Making a Request

All requests for autographed memorabilia and tickets are limited to auction and/or raffle activities designed to raise funds for charities. Requests must be submitted no less than six (6) weeks prior to the event. You will receive an email confirming receipt of your request and a notification of whether the donation will be granted. Your donation will be sent within two (2) weeks of receiving the request. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Requests may only be submitted online.


Monetary or Sponsorship Requests

FC Dallas does not consider or grant monetary or sponsorship requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I send in an item (soccer ball, jersey, poster or trading card) can you have a player/ the team sign it?

Unfortunately, we are unable to have such items signed. Should you choose to still send an item, we cannot guarantee your item will be returned and we will not be responsible for lost items.

Can I receive more than one item for my event?

In order to fulfill as many requests as possible, we will only provide one item per organization per calendar year.

Can I request what item I would like to receive for my event?

No. The FC Dallas Community Relations department will make the final determination on what item is given out.

I received a donation item from FC Dallas, but I would like to exchange it for another item. Is that possible?

No, we are not able to exchange items for other items.