College Preparation Program


The FC Dallas Youth (FCDY) College Preparation Program (“CPP”) has been designed to assist the needs of our aspiring collegiate level soccer players, & to provide specifically developed guidance, information & resources that will enable each FCDY player to maximize their opportunity to play college or professional soccer, and to receive the maximum opportunity to qualify for scholarships and financial aid. FCDY uses two web-based programs “Naviance Succeed” and “Playerocity” as student centered on-line tools. These programs provide FCDY players and parent the necessary information to ensure student success.

Naviance - FC Dallas player student centered on line tools

Playerocity - FC Dallas  on-line Player Profiles


We will take a step by step process with the FC Dallas players in giving them action plans to follow along in conjunction with group seminars. Individual meetings are set up with each grade to go over the action plan for the particular year and to make sure each and every player is on course. Additionally, meetings can be set up to ensure that the individual needs are being met and to assist in the process of finding the correct college/university, both academically and athletically.


In June each year, FC Dallas will host a 3 day college combine for boys and girls. Through training sessions, condition matches, and a college seminar, college coaches will provide players with insight to the demands of the college game and recruiting process.

Information on the topics below will be provided in our Document Library on the Naviance website (family connection website).

*Factors to consider in Selecting a College

*College Ability Worksheet

*NCAA Eligibility Standards

*NCAA Recruiting Guide Contacting College Coaches

*Freshman Year Action Plan

*Sophomore Year Action Plan

*SAT and ACT Testing Dates and Registration

*NCAA Division One Sliding Scale GPA/ACT/SAT

*NCAA Eligibility Center Registration Checklist

*Senior Year Action Plan

*NCAA Rules – The use of agents

*College Help Website’s

*FAQ as you consider College

* FAQ with the NCAA Eligibility Center

For more information please contact FC Dallas Youth College Director, Scott Dymond, at or 469-365-0206.