World Cup

Toad to Brazil: A Ribbiting Experience

The Concept

By now you've probably heard of the Road to Brazil match series that took place across the United States in the run-up to this summer's FIFA World Cup in Brazil. You've probably also heard about the Ivory Coast vs. El Salvador Road to Brazil match that was played right here at Toyota Stadium on June 4. One fateful April afternoon in a Road to Brazil planning meeting, an anonymous FCD employee pulled out his phone to look up some information about the match and one simple typo led to one genius idea.

What if we had a toad predict World Cup matches à la Paul the Octopus, circa 2010? What if we live streamed the toad's picks on What if we decorated his tank with a Brazilian theme with all the bells and whistles, including a mini Christ the Redeemer statue?

Because we work in the marketing department for a professional soccer team, we can make these things happen...

Meet Tex Hopper

Height: 0' 0.75"
Weight: 0.014 lb.
Birth Date: 2-14-2014
Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Preferred Foot: Back left
Favorite Band: Flyleaf
Favorite Actor: Dennis Hopper (no relation)
Favorite Song: It's not Easy Being Green
Favorite Book: Hop on Pop
Favorite Movie: Toad-al Recall starring Arnold Wart-zenegger
Favorite Player: Didier Frogba (He's huge on the other side of the pond)

Tex Hopper is a fire-bellied toad who joins us from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He gained fame in Rio for his uncanny ability to correctly predict the outcome of sporting events.

Now Tex Hopper is bringing his talents to Frisco, where he'll be predicting the winners of various matches throughout the World Cup all the way up to the final!


How it Works

Due to the strict Amphibian Labor Laws that exist in this country, Tex will predict one match every other day throughout the Group Stage. The prediction process is simple. See that image to the right? For every prediction, Tex will be placed in the center of the DRAW circle on the Official Prediction Mat (patent pending). As soon as he's released, he'll have 90 minutes to make a prediction that we will live stream. In the case of the example mat to the right, if he goes left, Brazil will win; if he goes right, Croatia will win; and if he just sits in the DRAW circle for the full 90 minutes like a lazy little jerk, the match will end in a draw.

Match Prediction Schedule
Date Match Prediction Outcome
Thursday, June 12 Brazil vs. Croatia Brazil Brazil
Saturday, June 14 England vs. Italy Italy Italy
Monday, June 16 USA vs. Ghana USA USA
Wednesday, June 18 Spain vs. Chile Spain Chile
Friday, June 20 Switzerland vs. France France France
Sunday, June 22 USA vs. Portugal USA Draw
Tuesday, June 24 Italy vs. Uruguay Uruguay Uruguay
Thursday, June 26 USA vs. Germany USA Germany
Saturday, June 28 Brazil vs. Chile Brazil Brazil
Colombia vs. Uruguay Uruguay Colombia
Sunday, June 29 Netherlands vs. Mexico Netherlands Netherlands
Costa Rica vs. Greece Greece Costa Rica
Monday, June 20 France vs. Nigeria Nigeria France
Germany vs. Algeria Germany Germany
Tuesday, July 1 Argentina vs. Switzerland Switzerland Argentina
USA vs. Belgium USA Belgium
Friday, July 4 France vs. Germany Germany Germany
Brazil vs. Colombia Colombia Brazil
Saturday, July 5 Argentina vs. Belgium Belgium Argentina
Netherlands vs. Costa Rica Costa Rica Netherlands
Tuesday, July 8 Brazil vs. Germany Germany Germany
Wednesday, July 9 Netherlands vs. Argentina Netherlands Argentina
Saturday, July 12 Brazil vs. Netherlands Netherlands Netherlands
Sunday, July 13 Germany vs. Argentina Germany Germany