FC Dallas outfits the Haitian Men’s Amputee Soccer Team

Inspirational team heads for World Cup decked out in FC Dallas gear

FRISCO, Texas – FC Dallas team captain Daniel Hernandez delivered
cleats, training kits, goalkeeper gloves and the official match jerseys
that the Haitian Men’s Amputee Soccer Team will wear during the World
Cup of Amputee Soccer to the team at Pizza Hut Park Wednesday.

“We really appreciate FC Dallas hosting these people here,” Sierra Leone
Amputee Soccer Association President Fuday Dumbuya said. “FC Dallas has
given this team a lot of encouragement. It gives us great joy to be
here in Dallas.”

WATCH: FC Dallas meets the Haitian Men's Amputee Soccer Team

Dumbuya, who currently lives in Houston, is a former captain of the
Sierra Leone Amputee Soccer Team. Upon hearing about the formation of
the Haitian Amputee Soccer Team, Dumbuya took it upon himself to meet up
with the squad at Pizza Hut Park to help the Haitians prepare for the
upcoming World Cup of Amputee Soccer. The World Cup is being held in
Crespo, Argentina beginning Saturday, Oct. 16.

“I’ve had experience in a world championship but this is Haiti’s first
time, so I came to give them some skills and work on what they need to
do in the competition,” Dumbuya said.

Dumbuya’s ultimate goal is to create a Texas-based amputee soccer league in which he can compete.

“I want to encourage amputees and the disabled to come together in Texas
or as a country as a whole and participate in amputee soccer,” Dumbuya
said. “It really helps people with disabilities to rejoin society. I
encourage all amputees to go to the website www.ampsoccer.org and help us build the sport in Texas so that we all can compete – Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin. That is our dream.”

The Haitian Men’s Amputee Soccer Team departs for Argentina Thursday
evening. The team is still in need of donations to support the transport
of the Haitian Amputee Soccer Team. People and organizations wishing to
contribute to the cause can make donations here or by calling (214) 674-6196. Media wishing to speak to Haitian Amputee
Soccer Team officials are welcome to contact media@iisport.org.