Post-game quotes: FCD vs. NYRB

Head coaches, referee and players talk 2-2 draw


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FC Dallas head coach
Schellas Hyndman:

It was a tactical game. They
are a very talented team with marquee players. They caused a lot of problems
with [Mehdi] Ballouchy, who they just acquired from Colorado. He kept slipping
into the hole between the midfield and defense. We were having trouble with
that early. Once we got it sorted out we get a red card to Brek [Shea]. It was
a very emotional play where he was trying to win the ball back.

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On the final 20 minutes of the first

We scored a really good goal and I
thought we were doing well. Then it was kind of a goofy goal we gave up with
maybe a minute left. Kevin Hartman gets injured, MCL. We go into halftime
changing a goalkeeper and going into a defensive shape, looking to attack on
the counter. I thought we did a great job on the counter and breaking out. We
felt their lack of speed in the back was something we could expose.

On Eric Alexander…
What a great goal by Eric Alexander…
He hit the post on his first shot. The second one, he just dribbled through the
back line and kept so calm. You have to remember Eric Alexander and Zach Loyd
were playing college soccer not too long ago.

On Red Bull’s second goal…
I hated to give up that second goal.
Jair [Benitez] scored on us, it’s the second time he has had an own goal but it’s
not through trying to score. It’s just through strong efforts trying to defend.

On the result…
We came very close to pulling off
the upset. A team of that level, playing a man down for that long was a real
character test.

Referee Hilario Grajeda:

On the Henry-Hartman

Basically, from I what I see, right
after they scored the goal, they both go to kick the ball at the same time.
They never connect knees or anything. They just nailed the ball at the same
time. That was pretty much it.
On if there were grounds for a yellow
on Henry…

No, I didn’t see a knee on knee or
anything. It happens, you know.
On if he consulted the linesmen…
Yeah, they saw the same thing. We’re
on the same page.

New York Head Coach Hans Backe:
I think we played well in the first
half; we started very well the first 15-20 minutes.  It looked like a good
game, and of course the red card destroyed the game. They had to sit back, and
I’d understand they would just go for breaks.  If you look at also the
numbers of chances Dallas had in the second half, and we didn’t create that
much.  We’re not happy with the defending, the back side has to be much
more solid when you play 11 (v 10). 

Were you surprised you
couldn’t create a few more chances given how deep they were defending?

Not surprised… in a way it’s very
difficult and of course we have players who can make a difference when a team
sits back.  One-on-one they did very well and they were fighting extremely
New York forward Thierry Henry:

I was thinking about it
before the game. If someone had told us that we would get a draw here, it would
have been a great result. With the situation in the game playing 11 against 10,
I think we could have been better. It’s never an easy task to play against a
team [down a man]. Even though they only had 10 men, they were defending really
well, not giving us a lot of space and playing extremely well on the counter
attack. They hit the post. They could have scored a couple of goals, so you
have to give them credit. They defended really well. It was a tough game. It
was kind of weird. We were playing well 11v11 but saying that, that’s when they
scored also. I think they played a great game.
On the Hartman collision…
The ball was there and like I do
sometimes, I just wanted to kick the ball back in the net. He put his foot out
there and that’s how he got injured. That was unfortunate. I went to apologize
at halftime because I didn’t mean to hurt him. He put his foot out there and I
just wanted to smash the ball back in the net… a pure accident. I told him I
was sorry. He accepted it. It was one of those stupid things.

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