FCD players talk about upcoming match with Inter Milan

FC Dallas starters see friendly as great opportunity


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There are just a couple of days left until FC Dallas
takes the pitch against the 2010 UEFA Champions League winners, Inter Milan at
Pizza Hut Park. 

It’s not too late to get your tickets here.

The FCD players were back to training hard through the
heat Tuesday morning to prepare for the highly anticipated match this Thursday
night.  FCDallas.com spoke to
several FCD starters to try to get some insight into the team’s mindset heading
into the international friendly.

FCDallas.com: What
does it mean to you to take the pitch against a team like Inter Milan?

Dax McCarty, Midfielder:

They’re probably the best team I’ve ever played
against.  I’ve had the experience
of playing some pretty big games. 
Even though this is a friendly, this is clearly the best team in the
world in my opinion. 

They won the Champions League, which is the hardest
competition to win in the world. 
From our point of view, they have the best team, the best players and
they’re a top-class organization. 
To be able to have a chance to play against them is definitely an honor.

Heath Pearce, Defender:

It’s a big opportunity for all of us.  A lot of times we can all sit back and
watch the TV when they play Champions League and say, “We can beat them.  We could play against them.”  This will be a real chance for us to
see how we match up against some of the best players in the world so it should
be exciting.

Every player they have is international quality.  Probably 90-percent of them play with
their national team.  It’ll be a
big chance for us to see how we stand as well as hopefully put on an
entertaining game for the fans.

Kevin Hartman, Goalkeeper:

We obviously respect them, but we’re also a team that really
believes in ourselves and we have respect for the rest of the professionals on
our team.  So we go about it as
workman like as we possibly can. 

I don’t think we’re necessarily in awe of them, we just know
the level that they play at and obviously they do it week in and week out on a
regular basis in Serie A, which is one of the best leagues in the world.  There’s no fear from us.

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FCDallas.com: Are
there any players in particular you are looking forward to facing?


Cambiasso is a guy who’s done it at the highest level for a
while and he’s a very important part of their team.  I like to kind of model my game after his a little bit.  He’s a guy that I have a lot of respect
for and he’s a top-class player.


Not any player in particular.  They’re the champions of Europe.  Just the team in general, the Inter Milan team is a
historical team.  Just to be able
to play against them and knowing that no matter what players they put on the
field, they’re going to be on the world-class level, is going to be exciting.


They’re all going to be very, very good players.  Maybe some of the younger players are
going to be a little bit more enamored than I am.  I think it’s a great opportunity.  I obviously have a ton of respect for anybody that’s been
able to accomplish the things that some of those guys have.

Some of those guys on that team were in the final four of
the World Cup last month and then before that they were winning the Champions
League.  They’re really the
pinnacle.  We just have to make
sure that we go about it and understand the challenge that they represent and
we’re smart with the ball and limit our mistakes.

If you still don’t have tickets to Thursday night’s game,
you can buy them here.

FC Dallas will hit the training ground hard again
tomorrow morning, and Inter Milan will be holding a practice session on the
Pizza Hut Park stadium field tomorrow night.  Inter Milan’s practice will start at 6 p.m. Wednesday night
and will be open to fans who bought their tickets to the game before July 19. 

Stay tuned to FCDallas.com for updates on Inter Milan as
they take on Greek club Panathinaikos FC in Toronto tonight and then travel to
the Lone Star State to take on FC Dallas Thursday night.