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With the MLS World
Cup hiatus coming to an end, is picking up our “Off the Pitch”
series, where we highlight one player and give you the chance to get to know
them better away from Pizza Hut Park.

Our series this week
features midfielder/forward Brek Shea, whose offensive outburst against San Jose gave FC Dallas
some much needed momentum heading into the break.  Shea now has three goals on the season,
making him the second leading scorer on the team behind Jeff Cunningham.
This year looks like it could really be a breakout year for you. Did you do
anything different in the off-season to get ready for this season? Do you think
it’s just you maturing?

Brek Shea: Probably
just maturing, especially with this being my third year and all the learning
experience last year. I got a lot of playing time so that really helped.  And then the people that have been in and out
of this team, lots of experience there has helped me to be composed on the
field and that’s helped my game a lot. Can
you feel yourself getting better sometimes? Do you see yourself making a
decision that maybe you wouldn’t have made before and you can just sense you’re
a better player than you were three years ago, five years ago?

Shea: Yeah, I
mean there are times when I would rush things and now I wait to see if I have a
better option. But I think I definitely do feel the difference.
You’re originally from Bryan/College Station, TX – home of Texas A&M
University. Did you grow up wanting to go to A&M?

Shea: No, but
just because they don’t have men’s soccer. The women’s program is really good
though. I actually committed to Wake Forest, so I was on my way there but I
came to FC Dallas instead (Shea turned pro straight
out of high school and was drafted second overall by FC Dallas in the
2008 MLS
SuperDraft). Did
you have a favorite club or player when you were growing up?

Shea: I never had
favorites because I never wanted to be the bandwagon guy growing up. I just
liked watching soccer. I never had favorites in anything.
After three full seasons in the league, what’s your favorite MLS city to visit?

Shea: Probably
LA. You’ve
played almost every position on the field. What’s your favorite?

Shea: Probably
left mid, because I have a lot of free space and I like free space.  I like to get the ball and then run against
somebody, so left mid and the wings are the best position to do that. Switching
gears, I know you’re a big video game player. What game do you play the most?

Shea: Call of
Duty, Modern Warfare 2. I’m not a video game person but I get bored a lot, so
it’s something to take up my time. So I do play that. I wouldn’t consider
myself a video game person though, somebody just bought me an Xbox last
year…and I got this game and it’s really fun. You play online and with other
people from all over the world. I also play with a couple of guys on the team.
Anytime they’re on, I get on and play with them. You can have little microphones
and talk to them, so it’s fun. How
long have you lived in this area now? Have you picked any favorite restaurants

Shea: This will
be my third year. My favorite spot is Double Dave’s; it’s a pizza place. It was
actually invented in Bryan/College Station. When I lived in Florida for a while
(after Shea’s freshman year of high school he moved to Bradenton, Florida to
take part in the U.S. Soccer Residency Program), every time I went home to
visit my parents that’s all I wanted to eat. They have one practically across
the street here. I like Lochrann’s (an official FC Dallas Pub Partner) a lot,
too.  Oh, and Village Burger Bar. That’s
my spot.

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