Meet Milton Rodriguez

FCD's newest striker talks with


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Matt King/Getty Images

Milton Rodriguez is
the newest addition to the FC Dallas squad. 
FC Dallas acquired Rodriguez from Real Cartagena
of his native Colombia.  He has 137 career goals and has played in Colombia, South
Korea and Australia.

The Colombian striker
won’t be able to play in an FCD uniform until after the July 15 transfer
window, but he recently sat down with to talk about his new team,
new surroundings and what his role might be. 
The interview was translated by an FC Dallas staffer.
Tell us a little bit about your background, where you’re from and how you came
to Dallas. 

Milton Rodriguez:
I’ve had the opportunity to play in eight different clubs in Colombia, South
Korea and Australia.  I’m a very mobile goal scorer.  I’m very glad I got the opportunity to play
here in Dallas.  I want to score some goals. Dallas has had a couple of guys from Colombia play
for the team.  Does it make it easier for
you to transition having David Ferreira and Jair Benitez on the team?

Rodriguez: I’ve
had the chance to play with Jair in club play there in Colombia and also with David
internationally for the Colombian selection team.  Obviously, having that companionship makes
the transition a lot easier both on the field and off the field here in the United States.
Talk about the scouting process that brought you to Dallas – how did the coaches approach you?

Rodriguez: All
this started through my agent and the contacts here in the United States with Oscar Pareja and
David and Jair.  Thank goodness we had a
good contact together and they had good recommendations.  Luckily I was able to land here.  It worked out and now I’m here. Dallas has another
veteran striker in Jeff Cunningham.  Are
you familiar with him?  How do you think
you could pair up top with him to help the team score goals?

Rodriguez:  I have heard of Jeff.  I know he’s a great, prolific goal
scorer.  Jeff obviously has the speed and
I have the ball touch and control.  The
main point is to make sure that the team benefits.
Tell us a little bit about your life off the field.

Rodriguez: My
family is very, very excited to have this opportunity.  Once I get adapted to the culture here and
the lifestyle I plan on bringing them.  I’m
married; we have a little boy and a little girl.  They’re very, very excited to join me here in
the States.
Anything else FC Dallas fans should know about you?

Basically I just want to provide a lot of goals and just bring them a lot of joy.  I want to put a lot of goals in the back of
the net for the fans and for FC Dallas. 

 Head coach Schellas
Hyndman said he would like to get Rodriguez into a game as soon as the July 15
transfer window passes.  His first
opportunity will be in the game against Real Salt Lake on July 17.  In the meantime Rodriguez will be able to
train with the squad and participate in exhibition games.