Hartman gets his first shot at former club

FCD keeper says he will treat KC like any other opponent


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Drew Hallowell/Getty Images

Kevin Hartman had a good run with the Kansas City
Wizards, but when he faces his former team on Saturday night at Pizza Hut Park
as FC Dallas’ starting goalkeeper, it won’t be much different than any of the
other eight starts he’s made thus far in 2010.

it will be good for him to see a number of his former teammates who remain with
the Wizards, he isn’t about to lose focus on the most important thing: getting
three points.

biggest thing is I get to see some of the guys I played with," Hartman said after training on Monday. "I’d obviously
love to play well in this game but it’s difficult to get up more for one game
than the next because I feel like I put so much into each game."

he doesn’t expect any problems maintaining such a good perspective as he
prepares throughout the week to face his former side.

are a lot of people there that I have a lot of respect for," Hartman said. "I’ve just got to
make sure I get to say hi to my friends who I have a lot of respect for, but the
most important thing is to keep everything in perspective because the most
important thing is trying to get three points."

On Saturday
night, in a 2-1 win over Chivas USA at The Home Depot Center, Hartman made
several big saves; a performance which didn’t go unnoticed by FCD head coach
Schellas Hyndman.

just think he’s a solid keeper,” Hyndman said. “The goal that was scored on him
by (Osael) Romero was a header that was deflected. If the ball wasn’t
deflected, he probably would have intercepted it.”

FCD coach also liked how Hartman responded after the goal. 

were ball watching a little bit and Romero ends up getting a head ball and
scoring the goal," Hartman said. "Then, he [Hartman] made a couple of nice saves, especially at the far
post when diagonal balls came across and they were going with four strikers
trying to find anything to get a goal.”

Hartman arrived at FC Dallas several months back, and at the time Dario Sala was entrenched as the
club’s starter with the newcomer his backup. However, the roles have recently
reversed and Hartman now finds himself starting with Sala as his backup.

Hartman has a 4-1-3 record this season for his new club with a goals-against-average of just 0.75. He also has three clean sheets.

confidence is a big thing and the fact that Dario (Sala), Drew (Keeshan) and
Schellas (Hyndman) have been very supportive has made it so that I can just
concentrate on working now,” Hartman said. “Dario knows that if he’s playing I’m going to support
him 110 percent and I know that I have that support from him. That makes it a
really good work environment.”

league mainstay also feels like he is getting more comfortable with the FCD
back line with each passing week.

feel like I learn more and more about my defense as games go on," Hartman said.  "The more
points that we’re able to accumulate makes it easier on everybody.”